Sunday , August 14 2022

Memory: Do you want to increase memory? Start walking back


WASHINGTON DC. [USA]: People who go back have better results in memory testing than those who stay calm or go forward.

Experts from the University of Roehampton discovered a similar effect in five experimental variants. They asked 114 volunteers to watch the video in which the woman stole her bag and then answered a questionnaire on what they could remember.

After watching the video, participants were divided into groups – one was commissioned to walk forward or backward 30 meters (10 m) while the control group stood in one place. Then, twenty questions were asked about video events and it was found that the retreat group received on average two responses well than pedestrians and pawns.

One of them included a similar procedure, but he tested how many volunteers he remembered from the list.

In others, participants simply imagined moving forward or backward or watching a video shot on the train, which gave the impression of moving forward or backward. In all scenarios, she received a feedback group, or those who imagined the way back, got the most answers.

It is still unclear why motion, real or imagined, should improve our approach to memories, but Dr. Aksentijevic, a researcher at the university, hoped to make further research illuminate and use it to his advantage.

"I'm sure some of these works could be helpful in helping people remember things, but how is the issue for further research," he said.

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