Wednesday , October 5 2022

Remember Starman SpaceX? Now he sails behind Mars


We are pleased to announce that both the cherry red Tesla Roadster and its stoic astronaut driver safely made it in the orbit of Mars.

SpaceX officials have released an infographie that shows that our friend Starman is in the orbit of Mars.

Tweet included "Restaurant at the End of the Universe," a nice link to the fan favorite science fiction series Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy of whom Elon Musk is a fan.

In fact, the Red Tesla Roadster has another link to the series: the words "DO NOT ADD!" Written on the dashboard screen. This phrase perfectly decorates the cover of the fictitious guide in the series.

In February, the Falcon Heavy Testing Platform, the most powerful rocket ever used by NASA Saturn V missiles, and those that brought men to the Moon during the Apollo era in the 1960s.

For a historical test flight Musk had to develop an unusual payload: Red Tesla Roadster "piloted" a fake astronaut. David Carrie, of course, was playing on a car.

A sensible but absolutely stunning piece was criticized from all corners at that time.

The self-conscious people thought this step was nothing but a smoke curtain that would hide the fact that Tesla had just done what was the biggest quarterly loss in history at the time.

Not-so-reasonable people, AKA flat-Earthers, thought the whole thing was part of a universal conspiracy to hide that our planet was not round.

Flat-Earthers went to Twitter to try to kill the start, many claim that the images were only a "bad CGI" product.

According to a study of orbit modeling at the University of Toronto at the Scarborough Center for Planetary Science, Starman will eventually return to a country that will reach several thousand kilometers of our planet in 2091.

The study says it is likely that in the next decades millions of years the car will eventually reach the country or Venus.

If you're curious about real-time Starman, you can go to the website, created by Ben Pearson, the founder of Oldham Media.

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