Wednesday , August 4 2021

Victoria Cave Hotspot: Melbourne and Vic Corona Virus Case List | Victoria

Victorian authorities have released a list of publicly-visited sites from a certified case-19.

List of public exhibition sites in Victoria

If you have visited any place below the date and time, you are indicated that you must be separated, tested immediately and quarantined for 14 days from exposure.

  • Epping: Indigo Spices and Pasarco, Thursday 6 May 6pm to 6pm

  • Epping: At the corner of Woolworths, Cooper Street and High Street, Saturday May 8 from 5:40 p.m. to 6:38 p.m.

  • Melbourne CBD: Curry Walt Indian Restaurant & Bar, May 6 from 6:30 to 9:30

  • Altoona North Packet Retail Accessories (until recently called TIC), Front Office, May 8 from 5:15 to Thursday 6 May

Anyone who has visited the following Level 2 sites identified as date and time should be discontinued, tested immediately and quarantined until a negative result is found.

  • Altoona North: Packet Retail Accessories (until recently called TIC), Warehouse Return, Thursday 6 May 8:15 am to 5:15 pm

  • Epping: 7-Eleven, 705 High Street and Cooper Street, May 6 from 6:30 to 7pm and Saturday, May 8, between 11:10 and 11:40.

  • Metro Train: Southern Cross train service departs from Craigieburn at 5:28 pm, Friday 6 May at 6:07 pm

  • Metro Train: Rentburn Train Service from Flanders Street 10:20 pm, 11:05 pm Friday May 7th

Anyone who has visited the following Level 3 sites is advised to monitor for the symptoms and check if any develops.

  • Croatia Craigieburn Railway Station on May 7 from 5:23 pm to 5:28 pm only

  • Dax Land: Southern Cross Railway Station on May 7 from 6:07 pm to 6:22 pm only

  • Melbourne CBD: Flinders Street Station on May 7, 10:50 pm only

More details of the Non-Health and Human Services website are available at the website.

  • Due to the extreme and ongoing nature of the Corona virus, this article is regularly updated to reflect the current status of the publication date. Any significant corrections in this or an earlier version of the article will be footnoted in accordance with the Guardian Editorial Policy.

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