Thursday , June 17 2021

Water system collapses at International Space Station

According to an announcement by the US space agency NASA, the drinking water system at the International Space Station has collapsed.

“The crew is in no danger and there are several spare parts to begin the repair process, which is expected to arrive early next week,” read a note from NASA published on Wednesday.

The space agency said that there was enough water available at the station for months for practical water needs and that there were alternative parts on board.

The problem affects the American part of the satellite.

The space station has been in use for more than two decades and is showing its age.

There have been lines in the last few months that threaten to leave the oxygen supply and needed repairs to the survivors.

The astronauts on the board could not determine what caused the disturbance but are working to keep them informed.

An expert team from the US and Russia should start looking at the problem by the end of May, reports TASS News Agency.

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