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1MDB Financing Scheduled Goldman-True Manager Manager can spend 3:02:19


By Liz Huffman

New York (Runners) – The financially funded Malaysian Malaysian Financial Fund, former CLE, Lou Blankfein, could spend a golf course in millions of people. The Bankboard does not want to pay a special honorable bonus, which is why the batsmen and two other senior officials have been working for some years. Panel objective is looking forward to researching 1MDB Finance for Golden Truth activity. Goldman said that it can also bring back $ 23 million stakeholders who played in the new CEO David Solomon Suliman 2018.

It is difficult to manage bank accounts that it is clear that the globe is preparing for a hard drive of 1MBB research. The bank can face a high degree of potential and ineffective loss.

During the past several months, the missionary guards have told that the hope is to prevent the case from being mysterious, people are aware of it.

Gold raised up to 6.5 billion rupees for GMB from Gold. Researchers have been stolen by 2.7 billion stolen by Malaysian financial and two leading glamorous officials. One of these banks, a lenser, convicted some 200 million dollars, and blamed for bribe on Malaysia and government offices. Do not deny her comment.

Controversy with the golden plains of the bulls of Belmons, under the federal government, and complicated the beginning of Solomon's office, which took the position of the MAA on October 1.

According to Bank's statement, one year ago, the Fifty Years auctioned $ 20 million in a year before $ 24 million in 2018. This is not money. Instead, the compensation in question is a donation from 2011, which should be paid in January.

Goldman keeps this money, actually $ 7 million, temporarily. The money was linked to the gold performance for the past eight years. In the analysis of documentation by Wall Street Journal, the price has been reduced or reduced.

The bank does not mention two other senior managers for the bonus authorization. According to the addressing, this is Michael Ivan, who served as a top level managerial manager during 1MDB bond dealer, and returned to London, a Marsis Sherro, who retired in London.

Former manager Gree sign also received such bonus, but he joined the trip government in 2017 when he received money from NA Baluchi.

Solomon's Dates did not have enough in 2011, thus getting a bonus. The bank said it could take its back to the 2018 compensation. Other managers will also be correct, such as President John Waldwin and CFO Stephen Sher.

Suliman got the CEO of $ 238 million and Chief Operator Officer of nine months in 2018. Sharing of lion contains 15.4 million dollars, stocks, depending on the performance of the Golden Man in the following years.

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