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72h Without compromise: Students are working for a purpose


Youths wear their sleeves in youth social campaigns “72 hours without compromise.”

GMÜND District / Lower Austria. Change, contribute and help the world where it is needed most: From October 13 to 16, more than 2,500 young people from Austria’s youth joined the social campaign “72 hours without compromise” An event was organized in collaboration with Catholic youth. youngCaritas and Hitradio Ö3. The slogan to “Jericho” was “we will join”. The school also joined a project in the Gmünd district.

Help in the day care of Suncare al

The last class of HLS Langenlois encountered work at the Zuversicht day center in Heidenreichstein, where they assisted with many items that were to be completed before winter. Nina Rauser proudly says: “I washed the apples and then pressed them. The juice is then pasteurized and bottled. In 72 hours, L120 120 liter delicious maple juice was sold, which is sold at the company’s own store.

s or people were able to show off their skills in cutting and removing wood or learning new skills. Christine Gundecker said: “My specialty was driving the old stair tractor! As a result, there are approximately six cubic cubic meters of firewood near the center of the day available for winter.

Unfortunately, the young people had no contact with the bad guys because they stayed at home for security reasons. Nevertheless, relief was useful to employees, as government employees said to one another.

Helping is fun

At a farewell ceremony by facility manager Stephen Zim, students were not only allowed to choose words of appreciation, but were also given a few bottles of apple juice at home. The project planner Franz Sidelmer was enthusiastic: “Students and teachers were not very good at anything and many skills were discovered.

Work on the site left a lasting impression on youth. By participating in youth social campaigns, they find that helping together is not only fun and fun, but also brings something back to normal after a year and a half of something.

A Wood was cut and removed.

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