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Agna-long boss Mariehart once held the stock for the last time

Changes in executive suite at Agraga: Marcus Michelson wearing helmet. Johann Martt said goodbye to a difficult code year with strong results.

The listed fruit, sugar and starch group Egrana earned the most in the last 2020/21 financial year and from 76.3% to 55 million euros compared to the 2019/20 financial year. Operating results (EBIT) up 17.6% to 78.7 million euros. The company announced Tuesday morning that sales were up 2.7 per cent to 2.48 billion euros to 2.55 billion euros.

The statement said that last fiscal year, Cody 19 Pandemicig was the subject of deployment for each class. “Despite the extraordinary normal conditions caused by the Cody 19 podium, we were able to achieve deaf results in the last financial year,” said outgoing long-term Eggernachs boss Johann Marhart. “Overall, it is once again clear that our steady business growth is largely due to the diversity of our business areas.”

In essence, NEGRA cites “the persistence of major problems caused by the Cod19 epidemic.” However, a significant increase in EBIT is expected for the fiscal year 2021/22. Consolidated sales are considered a moderate increase. 91 million euros are being spent in all three major business areas. Estimates in the amount of approximately 121 million euros.

In the fruit segment, the business of fruit preparation – in spite of the known effects – was higher than in the previous year. The fruit juice business, on the other hand, received weak demand from the weak Apple crop because of Corona, especially in the Gastonia tourism and tourism sectors, which was buzzing under Lockdown. All in all, this resulted in a particularly bad result. Fruit sales fell by 1.19 billion euros over the previous year. EBIT fell from 55.9 to 41.2 million euros.

In the starch segment, weak graphics starch sales in the graphics paper industry (print) compete with increased sales to mattress manufacturers (packaging). Overall the margin of sturgeon was lower with demand, which means that the semiannual performance was down from last year. Sales increased from 807 to 821.9 million euros, and the Native Abbott 75.2 dropped to 64.8 million euros.

There was another negative result in the diabetes segment. This was despite the fact that higher sugar incomes and volume would have helped to improve year-over-year results. Last year, fighting was also being done to protect the sugar factory in Leopoldsdorf, near Vienna, as two pork sugar facilities in Austria are now protected for the time being. Sugar change from 488.3 to 558.5 million euros, negative EBIT negative from 64.2 to 27.3 million euros.

Mellison goes

There are also changes to the executive suite in Agraana. The long-time boss of the Agrana Group, Johann Maynard (70), surprisingly served three months in office. The old hand contract may have expired at the end of February, but was extended by the caretaker board by the end of May. Marcus Madison (54) will be the new Agraana CEO from early June. Ingrid-Helen Arnold (52) will also be appointed to the management board of the Agra Betelings-Edge, from April 1 to April 30, 2024, as announced.

The board member of the Sڊdzukar AG Munich-based major Iran shares, will be responsible for the internal audit department in Agravana. In this role, he succeeded D. Thomas Kiel, who will become Agrana’s management board on May 31 and will fully focus on his role as Chief Financial Officer of Sudzucker AG. Clough has been on the Agrana board for over 15 years. The Board of Directors thanked him.

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