Tuesday , July 5 2022

Can HIV damage? Parsi Research Successful Success


Researcher in Destroying Hirer Viruses: Conquest against Assistant? Before just Christmas, he reads this message as an illuminate pre-present gift. Institutes in Paris succeeded in destroying Pastor's researcher Saul Salsz, which was influenced by her virus. Though primarily only in laboratory, but the abortion sample is considered as a search for a place of destruction.

Scientists destroyed by destroying affected cells, so they could not proceed further. "Thanks for metabolic exhibitions, can be damaged by affected cells or earthquakes, we can first destroy the floods, we see video that virus could not affect the floods of some metabolic inflammation, and its reaction antiretroviral -Treated cells of reservoir in stops. " Anis's evolution, Asir Ses-Surunion, writes on the website of this Institute.

This exits out of the air

So far, people who are suffering from HIV virus, many nonsense illusions on the illness. Virus is not destroyed. It's still in a box. They are called CD4T lifphysics.

And especially those cells that are flooded: Due to their high academic activity, the virus increases the body and makes these cells especially sensitive. If this blocks a metabolism, these divisions are prevented. Affected cells and similar viruses will eventually come out of the air. And the virus has disappeared.

But it will take some time until it works out of the lab. But: Knowledge is a small gift for sick people.

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