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Celebrating Schobesberger Fast Return Against Villarreal?


Before Rapids, an important home game in the Europa League against Villarreal is a suddenly wounded go-ahead: Philipp Schobesberger.

Flankenflitzer has been in the training team recently for weeks, now he's back and he thinks he's good enough to come back.

Whatever it is against Villarreal, there may be a doubt. Because those responsible do not want to hurry things. "Schobi is a special player, he should help Rapid for many years, due to the history of the injury, we have to be very careful," says coach Dietmar Kühbauer to the "kurier".

Even sports director Fredy Bickel has the same view: "I would expect Schobi after an international break, that would be a great success on this pitch."

Besides, the player would have another one and a half weeks to prepare for his return.

Months of hip pain after surgery

The 24-year-old has several months of waiting. After end-of-season pain at the end of the season, Schobesberger had a hip impact, so mobility was found to be limited.

After the hip surgery, which cost him teammate Christopher Dibon for the whole season, "Schobi" returned to training in just three months. He had to take one or two obstacles, and so take a longer break, but still burns at bets.

Good news for Rapida. Whatever can be counted against Villarreal, but at least as a Joker with a fit, Kühbauer decides.

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