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Hi Syed Cold and Flow For: Saturn For Winter


DISTRICT DISC. It's time, especially in the season and season, cold and flu is on the rise. Hooked the head, the throat is spoiled and running out: some basic rules help in strengthening the body's physical shell.

Every year again: winter is coming, again cool and disappointed. Patio is an easy time, cold and sore in the weather. Walking in cold and flu feeds, talking about it. However, if you follow some rules, the immune system is strengthened and you come through the winter health. "Alpha and Omega, to protect against cold, immune system is strengthening." Lower Austrian Chemistry Cancerciac (NÖGKK) doctor Dr. Michael Crosso. "There are several ways to strengthen the body's defense system and keep it in a short period. In addition to the addition of vitamin-ammon and balanced food, exercise in air air is one of the main advantages of the body." The body also supported the prevention of smoking cigarettes. is the. Alcohol is also useful in the venom. "Avoid pressure and provide enough rest, because the constant immune system specifies. Instead, to strengthen body safety of sufficient sleep, to strengthen the body's safety in darkness," he said. is the. Loves the pastors with hot chairs. Our built-in lanes are natural shells against the virus and other drugs. So, right Nemat plays an important role. Heated out of the hot membrane of hot hot air out of the air, and makes it easier to create. In winter, it is very important to keep a lot more in the dry room and walk right. Dr. Corrus says "it is also necessary to drink." "Every day, at least two liters of water, water or herbal and fruit tobacco. At a short time, it is more important to increase fluid and increase incidence of tuberculosis." In winter, the virus is almost impossible to contain: Science is 200 species Gets to be responsible for the cold. Generally, it is also advisable to avoid taking care. "Of course it is not always possible," said NNN doctor. "Therefore, because it is the most important thing to follow the principles of cleanliness and to wash your hands right." An easy and extreme effectiveness against infections is.

Illness rate

46 in the weekend of weekend, 65 people of Sibbib district were unable to work due to these flu and flu infections.

To compete

  • In the past week, 57 people diagnosed illnesses.
  • 46/2017 in the calendar week were sick of diagnosis of 61 people.

The methods of NÖGKK Scheibbs

  • Out of natureExterior experience reduces the pressure, ensures good blood circulation and strengthens the body's circulation and heat adjustment. The fresh air will increase the healthy sleep. All these effects strengthen the body's immune system, which are designed to turn off the pediatric and protect them from their illnesses. Will take a lot of part in the period of receipt.
  • Healthy eating, healthy livingLivestock in fruits and vegetables are supported by a balanced and varieties of food immune system.
  • Enough drinkMake sure you drink plenty of liquor. The toe and water should be rejected mostly.
  • Ready helpConsider moisture in warm central areas and fix the apartment.
  • Cold hot: The power of changing rain with warm and cold water will strengthen.
  • Cigarette nose damage the immune systemThe fat smoker should be removed from the cigarette because it can be very difficult.
  • Avoid alcohol: High percentage promise that could not be done. Initially alcohol can increase, but the effect of increasing the circulation of alcohol is that the body will heat the heat. Wine which worsens heat balance, hot tea or hot soup, work decorating.
  • Cleanliness: Hand often fuels and correctly, do not use together. May be able to take arms or move freely with hands or shrubs. If uncomfortable with each other or bites are covered, these paragraphs are blended with friction.

Despite all the precautions, an influenza virus should be taken to hospital, you can not take away the rest and bed of the doctor.

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