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New "Ship": Sky continues classically as of Friday as a series


Vienna (APA) – "Ship" entered the history of the film in 1981. Under the direction of Andreas Prochaska, the material continues on Friday (23 November) Sky as a series. Unlike the original, they are also "complex female characters" as the Vedic director of the APA said at a presentation in Munich last summer.

When the producers of the production ship approached Prochaska, the director of "The Dark Valley" found the decision difficult. "That was insignificant," said the 53-year-old. When he got his phone call in November 2016, "it was like a dream guy," Prochaska said. But of course he is aware of high expectations. "You know you're scratching the memorial, and the knives are sure, and you know the whole world is watching," said the Viennese.

In 1981, the film adaptation of the epic novel "Das Boot" (Lothar-Günther Buchheim) made a dramatic story of a German submarine crew who returned to La Rochelle Harbor after a dangerous patrol to get rid of being bombed in an air raid. The series continues nine months later. In the autumn of 1942, the U-612 and its young and very young crew in the occupied France were ready for a dangerous special mission.

Rick Okon, known as Dortmund's "crime scene", plays Klaus Hoffmann, the just-named Commander of the Lieutenant Captain. He did not concentrate with German actor Jürgen Prochnow (77), world renowned for his role as Kaleuna in the original. "It did not matter to my character, because it's not a remake. We're going to tell a whole new story."

Deep atmospheric images show how the two directions of action are unfolding: It is still said from the point of view of the German occupation, but in the new series we will also look at the French resistance movement on the ground and allied maneuvers. Two worlds are linked by siblings Frank and Simone Strasser: Leonard Scheicher plays on board radio operator and Vicky Krieps ("The Silk Thread") translator on earth.

The concept of two stories has "completely convinced" Prochasak, he said. Tony Saint ("The Long Walk to Finchley") and Johannes W. Betz ("The Tunnel") added a second story to the ship that was missing in the original: Women.

It was shot in 105 days with just a two-week break in La Rochelle, Prague, Malta and Munich. In February, work was completed. Production costs amounted to € 26.5 million. It was a "sports production plan," Prochaska said carefully in the presence of all the producers. But he suggested it was his most ambitious project in all directions. In less than half a year he had to get eight scripts and explore and prepare this movie. It was a "slight overload," he said with a smile. The biggest challenge for him was "as scripts claim to have reached the level of authenticity the ship has transferred."

For Lucemburger Krieps (35) he was also emotionally exhausting. "One day someone dies, someone goes to war, I almost killed, and I play it all in one day, which my mind can not endure in a single day of thinking or feeling all the content."

"It was physically and mentally exhausting to me," said Okon. "Set up, ship, extremely small, and there are at best two cameramen and two Tonleute and a director and eight actors on twelve square meters." Difficulties are worthwhile: The ship looks moody, expensive and technically ambitious,

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