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Vienna will have a new event center to take over the tasks of Wiener Stadthalle. Where it is still open. For existing Stadthalle it is possible to create a mixture of popular sports and culture.

16:13, 07.11.2018

Currently (until January 6) in the Wiener Stadthalle: a spectacular Lego show. © APA / ANNIEV KOSTA

It is becoming more and more specific: by the end of January it should be clear where the Vienna Event Arena will be announced. Due to the location of up to 20,000 visitors, the city also has to think about the future of the city Stadthalle do. After all, great concerts and international sports events will not happen anymore. For example, a mix of cultures and popular sports can be imagined.

Too many details about the new "multifunctional hall" are not available. The project will in any case be provided by Wien Holding or its newly established subsidiary WH-Arena Projektentwicklung GmbH. The next step is to clarify where the giant building is building. "Eight places are controlled," said the city councilor Peter Hanke (SPO). The results should be by the end of January.

Which places are eligible, department separation did not reveal. In any case, important criteria – in addition to corresponding features – are, for example, transport connections or existing technical infrastructure. As soon as the site is repaired, a tender for construction and architecture and detailed planning will be launched. "It's all about the heights of ceilings, traffic routes, technological areas and the question of how many changing rooms will be," explains Wien Holding, Managing Director Kurt GollowitzerThe range and design of gastro and VIP zones will also be defined. In any case, a modular system is planned that makes the building useful for various purposes.

Gollowitzer expects a ceremonial ceremony at the latest in 2021. Since then, construction periods of up to three years can be expected. How much money you have in your hand and where it comes from, the city does not know yet. "We are considering all forms of financing," Hanke said. Say: Private could also be on board. And comparable projects in other cities would cost up to 220 million euros.

Modern shows require a new hall

The fact that Vienna needs a new multipurpose hall is the result of more and more extensive and extensive performances. After all, for the big rock concerts there are now 30 or more cars. It could be Stadthalle, which has already been under the belt for six decades now, but no longer offers. Conversion would be difficult to protect monumental objects and spatial reasons. Event organizers would also prefer sites with greater visitor capacity, as more revenue with the same production costs could be obtained.

What does that mean for those of you Roland Rainer built Stadthalle? Hanke assured that the complex of events will continue to exist and that all other halls will be preserved next to Grand Hall D. What will happen here will be identified as part of the reuse concept that Wien Holding will develop in parallel with the planning of the new arena. Anyway, in the upcoming buildings, for the above reasons, no major concerts and international sporting events will be held.

Hanke can imagine it Stadthalle in the future to provide more for mass sports. Here's a sports council Peter Hacker (SPO) during the vote. Smaller cultural events that were already offered in Hall F this year are also planned for the future.

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