Wednesday , August 17 2022

Police "steal" a license plate from the Ö3-Star


"What a morning!"

The British pop musician was amazed when his numbers disappeared in the morning.

Vienna. "I was shocked," says English musician James Cottriall in a Facebook video and is probably surprised by the local police's unknown approach. In the morning Cottriall goes to his car and immediately notices that the license plate is removed. There is also a message on the windscreen. After the first shock goes to the police where everything should be cleaned.

Native Brit has parked his car with an English license plate in Vienna for four weeks. The police thought the car was stolen and the suspect from the crater from the east behind him. At the police station everything was out of order. But it was not so easy to get his license back. "I had to fill out the forms for five hours," says Cottriall a little excited, but happy to have his label again.

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