Saturday , December 4 2021

Silently came to China to China


Some chains have liked the European form of European contemporary art as much as possible for Swiss colleges. Map displays its collection until May 26, before going to a museum in Hong Kong.

For some time we will bring down the "Chinese century" in history books, we will be worried about how "China is wonders", Mac Boss Krishfofu says. Always preferred this question by Ella Cig, Director, Journalist, Diplomat, Art. And this will continue – when about 100 exhibit work will be sent to Hong Kong in the new museum.

Body of body

An important drive was always always "to gather a museum to collect, to collect," Sigg said. This museum is not available for a long time. And whether a Chinese museum would have rewarded the artist, who has helped Sigg's international reputation, can sometimes be complained.

"Some concerts are not possible to showcase in China," said Kirbirde Vicharo, who is a coworker. For example, Leo Ding by Penguin and VideoCarama, in which he reads with the realistic and cultural procession of the Revolution of Revolutionary Revolution. Or this unwanted life of life is "Death of Death", whose body is compiled by the Curber Glass and Cricket Artist AVV, which falls on earth.

Chalk on the field

Zoo Bandi Beautiful scenes are colorful like "scenes monitors", in a destination in a fantastic way to the camera.

And lastly but at least, it is itself sensitive to itself as it reveals the hobby's appearance, whereas it is compounded with a statue statue with "unlimited love with the lifting". The great exhibition at Hall Hall, one bye for a long time, in touch with the accident, whose colored spectrum is also political.

A roommare map is dedicated to pictures, descriptions of decorative levels that are related to the east-east principles of emotion and patterns. Such as China's control of Yunus

Designer's Cricket Designer Design

Another ancient and new technology is a combination of two wallet. Wooden, paperwork, work form of old imperialist families has been created, before Digital Super Power. Fan Mugo created a wall using "wall sec", using a "wall sec", using ancestral technologies and digital processing. Live slow, flooring level, new, arizontal and brightness to the marble on the wigging image, color and surface.

The notice of the exhibition took place

"Chinese Chancellor. From Collecting New Art Siege." From January 30 to May 26, Matt 10 to 22pm, near 10 to 18 years. MAK Exhibition Hall.

Chauvinne's old age looked at the demand of demanding families of their family members and added new designer cricketers. Antique and modern that it may be implanted with the design of vineyards vagina. "We have a big Asia total of approximately 25,000 things, almost in China." Thaheen said. Presents an article entitled "Full Dimension" for eyes up to 100 years of age with eyesight eyes presenting the present article.

Consequently, the "Chinese Voice" title is quite autonomous. The word name is the English name, which we call "silent post". A small downturn for the big infrared device, which can overcome such ideology. This is China, which we believe here directly, that is the result of a huge disaster positioning position.


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