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Play as your own life: squid game
Play as your own life: squid game (c) Imago Pictures / ZUMA Wire (www.imago-images.de via Netflix)

The Netflix series “SkyGame” broke all records.

game over? There can be no question. “Skid Game” is a global series, and recently became a successful Netflix series. More than 111 million households have so far followed the fate of 456 poor creditors who put their lives (or lives) at risk to free themselves from the overwhelming debt burden. A brightly colored social dystopia can be a great seller. The South Korean series Regener Huang Dong-hyuk Elite of Encyclopedia brings the worst entertainment in the middle of a bad treat, where the gaming show and the Lat Yada series. Violent aesthetic, bloodthirsty imagination favors a plot that revolves around the notorious landlord and the mischievous fellow. Seong Jeon (Lee Jong’s) turns round. With 455 des people disappointed, he has to prove himself in the Six games to make money, holy grail. He cannot expect mercy from a pink uniform and masked guards.

Now in Abu Dhabi "Squad game" Lighting
Abu Dhabi now has the “Skid Game” lightAT A.

Global spread speed – Store machine made possible by Netflix and Catalyst TikTok – Amazing and hype about “Skid Game” is interesting and useful: Said South Korean courses have increased the delivery of Valentine’s courses boundaries and boundaries, and uniforms and green track suits are likely to be hit at Halloween parties. In China, however, authorities are reacting coldly to the hype that a large number of illegal file sharing downloads have been made. And in South Korea, an Internet service provider sued Netflix because the streaming of the series consumes too much data. There were injuries in Belgian schools where the series was implemented.

Although the cookies in the series are mega sellers
Even though the cookies are in the series mega sellersAT A.

The event has also taken place in Austria: a Venice Cafe is offering its “Squad” competition with Dalugona biscuits. If these sugar and baking powder foods are not enough, they were helped in Abu Dhabi, where the Korean Cultural Center linked the chain with volunteers. There was shooting, but no. “The games don’t seem a bit cruel,” said Nami Chan Wu, director of the Cultural Center, who also sees the series as an opportunity to convey Korean culture.

One point that could possibly be categorized into the entirety of Lost in Love is because of the message of the series that surpasses everything else – The critique of capitalism is rooted in the face of production – According to the simplest rules of economics, it is turning into the opposite: everyone wants to make money from the series. The Chinese Tschantscherl Market is in full swing from cellphone cases to irs y shirts and is in the lowest price category. Actors of the series themselves have become interested: Overnight testimonies: Lady actor Lee Jung-jei makes her a model in Korean Vogue, while her female counterpart Jung Hee-Yoon has been declared “World Ambassador” by Louis Vuitton’s model.

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