Wednesday , August 4 2021

Synchronized swimming: Vasilyki Alexander placed fourth in European Championships

Vasilyki Alexander raised just one medal in synchronized swimming at the European Swimming Championships in Budapest, the fourth in the 23-year-old solo technique final. Your sisters will be in the finals of synchronizing on Friday.

Vasilyki lost a medal at the European Championships in synchronized swimming in Alexander Baptist. The 23-year-old earned his fourth best finish in the Solo Arrow Day solo technique finals until Tuesday, finishing with just 0.64 a medal with 87.0872 points. Two of his touts, Anna Maria and Ernie Alexander, came to the finals on Friday night in the double free competition.

Vasilika mourned the three-match losing first medal at a major ceremony and found herself deprived of it. “My frustration after today’s performance is huge. In my opinion, I was really good and good. I should have deserved more,” said Alexander, who now wants to win the prize in the solo free final on Wednesday. “I still have a good chance of getting a medal and I really want to use it. I hope I get a better point than I expected and my performance will be good, ”he said.

Her sisters in the duo are Russia’s and Ukraine’s favorite favorites and are in the narrow circle of medalists after finishing third on Friday with a personal record of 90.0333. “We are very happy with this study, because we spend a lot of time So far, and it has finally been achieved. We are very happy, very satisfied and very proud, “said Forest. An e-mail is within reach. “Of course we think about it and it’s possible too. We know this. And hopefully we can do it again on Friday.”

The women ended the cancellation at the start of the European Championships in Duke Tech on Monday, as the underwater speakers were bad. The viewing is directed ahead, Thursday (9.00am) a new event.

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