Wednesday , October 27 2021

“Uh-oh” – Shame viewers in the television garden – TV


On Sunday there was a very unpleasant situation in the ZDF television garden. Responsible for: Presenter Andrea Kiewel.

It was really uncomfortable to watch. The annual episode of the television garden focuses on the big surprise. “Koi” announced at the start of the show that she was a big fan of such acts. Without worrying around, she kept walking around in the audience and asked who she was.

Then she stopped at a gentleman, placed her nose in the microphone and wanted to know: “What can we surprise you with? The fans appeared to be overwhelmed with the situation. He just created an uncertain “Uhh”. But the presenter did not. She stood in front of him for seconds, waiting for an answer.

A sudden marriage proposal

Then it became even more relaxed! After the trial, Kyle thrust: Roy: “Nothing, you’re a spectator. The man was so busy with an apparently strange question that he didn’t even realize the solution. Apparently he was the only one to express his wish when the microphone was withdrawn from him. Oops! Really bizarre.

But was Kyle doing it for now? In the end, she actually wants to surprise an old-school colleague. Where: Actually, your life partner wants to be surprised. Because it was a short talk with “Kiwi” after the talk, after a while, a gentleman came up and asked all the FAQs: “I’ll make it short. You are today in the audience: Do you want me to be my wife? After a quiet “yes”, the confetti was raining through the air. One moment and a moment!

Kyle is happily with himself.
Kyle is happily with himself.ZDF
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