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Video via: VW Management Conference: Tesla Boss Elon Musk as the Surprise Speaker | the news


Handelsblatt learned from these participants. Musk opened the video at the invitation of VV boss Herbert Davis from the Tesla headquarters in Texas. Ever since Berlin’s G Risson Gig Factory was built, Tesla has been Volkswagen’s biggest rival when it comes to e-mobility.

Tesla boss got praise for the VW group: “Volkswagen is an icon,” he said. “I’ve driven myself to various VW models and Porsche 911s for a long time. When asked why the Tesla is faster than the vehicle, Musk said: “That’s the style of management. I am basically an engineer and besides a car, I am impressed by the supply chains, logistics and production processes.

Musk is not worried about the ongoing existence of VW. In an interview with Davis, he confidently said that the company would change. He sees the company at Wolfsburg as the company’s biggest challenger. But even though Tesla is particularly fast and productive in the Musnet of other yacht companies, the Musk is still not moving fast. “Despite all the successes, we have to get better,” said Tesla Bass.

By invitation, VW Boss should appeal to its managers. “Distance is increasing. They are moving faster. They are delivering. They are delivering. These cars are getting better at it. They are the only brand that is COVID despite COVID. They are connected to the whole world. We have to accept this competition. ”

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