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Vogel is no longer a coach of Sturm Graz «


Bundesliga club Sturm Graz broke down on Monday from German coach Heiko Vogel. The 42-year-old was after "detailed consultation talks (…) with immediate effect out of service," said on Monday in a report with the Deštronovaný Cupsieger Sturm won only one of the last 14 official matches.

16:19, 5 November 2018


Vogel recently put his own rod in the window by claiming six points in a home match against Wacker Innsbruck and SKN St. Pölten. But only 1: 1 was up against Tyrol last Saturday, this request was no longer achievable and a coach replacement is expected. Upcoming training will be conducted by Günther Neukirchner and Joachim Standfest.

"Since the recent good part of our performance was not in line with the results we achieved, we had an extremely difficult decision after the Innsbruck match and we decided to change the coaching position for several reasons," explains Sportdirector Günter Kreissl.

"The new league format, which puts pressure much earlier in the season, was just as part of the analysis as the desire to get out of the UItimatumspiel situation," Kreissl explained. "The easiest way to explain the decision is based on the fact that only a win in a series of 14 games is likely to be a problem for almost every club and just for SK Sturm Graz's claims."

Vogel was employed by the Styrians in December 2017, after his German compatriot and predecessor Franco Foda was named as the Austrian team leader. Vogel trained "Blackies" in 38 games, with eight victories and fifteen victories. His greatest success in the season was the victory of the champions champions championship and the Red Bull championship of Salzburg. This caused Vogel to be the third coach in the history of the storm that won the title after Ivici Osima and Foda.

"The unanimous decision was not easy for us: with Heiko we celebrated the great end of the season in 2018. We won the cup with a winner and I would like to thank him for his work that we really respect Coach who could take the SK Sturm Cup in the air , Heiko will have a firm place in the history of the storm, "said President Christian Jauk.

Also discharged from service was an analyst Patrick Dippel from a bird's eye view of Graz. "I would like to thank the entire Sturm family for the last eleven months, and our fans have furiously driven us at these moments in a more successful and less pleasant time." The second title, and especially the Cup win in Klagenfurt 27,000 predominantly with the storm "Fans will be memorable, I wish black and white happiness for the future," Vogel said in a storm report.

His release was the fifth change of coach in this Bundesliga season. Gerald Baumgartner of Mattersburg had to leave in August and was replaced by Klaus Schmidt. At the beginning of October, Dietmar Kühbauer from Rapid Goran Djuricin. Due to Kühbauer's inauguration in Hütteldorf, Ranko Popovic was hired as a new superior SKN St. Pölten. And last time Admira was replaced by German Reiner Geyer a week ago by Ernst Baumeister.

Sturm Graz does not want to rush to find a coach. Maximum "quality before time pressure," said athlete Günter Kreissl at a press conference Monday afternoon. It was important to involve "the whole group" and find the decision "where most people feel good".

Kreissl did not want to name the names of potential candidates. "I was thinking about it, but it did not have any major discussions or preliminary negotiations." He also did not want to say the requirements profile. But it is clear: "We prefer solutions in German." Subsequent training sessions will be run continuously by Günther Neukirchner and Joachim Standfest, then the international break is awaiting the second round.

The one who could take the money in hand was quite possible. "I do not want to exclude it, but it must be within Sturm," said Kreissl. "The new coach will not have to turn around, the work of Heiko Vogel is too good, but a new approach and changes in detail can help – we know the new coach often wants to set up his own team." In the media, he recently passed the name of the unprovoked novel Mählich as a favorite for succession.

Kreissl ("It was a very daring announcement") did not dispute that Vogel with the requirement that six points against Innsbruck and St. Pölten's "duty", he himself raised the pressure. In any case, it was a "paradoxical situation". Because the performances were somewhat fair, but "the win in 14 games is just a little bit". However, not only the coaching team but also the players are responsible for the missing results: "But the team knows they are responsible."

His own work also criticized Kreissla ("I had a good relationship with Vogel") with self-criticism. Personal Decisions "I have to ask a lot," said the 44-year-old. "We are certainly far beyond expecting some of the personality, but I'm still convinced of the potential in the team."

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