Tuesday , July 5 2022

Dagger Hayes’ new film about warfare is seven of them


Producer Khanjar Hayat Khan is going to film about the war of independence. The name of the movie is ‘Aura Satjan’. The shooting of the film has already begun in Jinta, Salt. The film stars Sattab Dinar, Khanjar Hayat Khan, Safai, Shahriar Firdous Sajib, Imtiaz Barkash, Nafis Ahmed, Khalid Mehboob Tariya and Zakia Bari. “Everyone is shooting with great difficulty,” said Dagger Hayat. Everyone is so absorbed in their role that they do not feel pain. On the contrary, everyone wants to dedicate a single document to the war of independence. “As a citizen, my country has a duty to the people of the country,” he said. As a creator, I think I should leave a document of the War of Independence for generations to come, which will inspire patriotism in later generations, so that they can know the true history of the War of Independence. The film is producing “Western Engineering Limited” and “KKK Productions”.

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