Friday , September 30 2022

Exit of the emergency valve of the pipeline, heavy gas crisis in Chittagong


LNG deliveries to LTG (liquefied natural gas) in Chittagong have been halted since Saturday night due to a lack of the LNG supply system at Maheshkhali Cox's Bazar. The result was a terrible gas crisis.

Over the past two days, all Chittagong customers do not receive gas as needed. Karnaphuli Gas Distribution Company Limited (KGDCL) was forced to stop gas supplies to natural gas power plants due to the crisis.

Production of industrial and manufacturing plants is limited due to a reduction in the delivery of the KGDCL pipeline. Residents in the residential area were also in a gas crisis. Many areas of the city have fired the oven over the past two days. As a result, the city's inhabitants have experienced extreme suffering.

After delivery of the LNG, two units of the Raozan thermal power plant and 22 megawatt power plants in Shikalbhaya were supplied. Electricity production in these two factories has now stopped. From here, about 500 megawatts of electricity were produced daily. Electricity is not available now.

Due to the drop in production, there has been an increase in electricity load in various parts of the city. It has reduced local electricity production. The Chittagong Urea Fertilizer Factory (CUFL) fertilizer plant is closed. At the same time, more than 200 industrial plants and CNG stations have reduced gas pressure thanks to new gas connections.

KGDCL obtained 330 million cubic feet of gas from the LNG floating terminal. After stopping, the company became a national network as previously. Now the gas supplied from the grid is supplied to the customer. The supply of gas has fallen from about 400 million cubic feet to 200 million cubic feet.

To meet the Chittagong crisis, the Energy Department decided to give 200 million cubic feet of gas to the Chittagong National Network. According to Petrobanglo sources, the gas crisis in Dhaka is strong. Chittagong received 200 million cubic feet of gas from the national grid, and there could be a bigger crisis in industries and factories in Dhaka.

Transformed Natural Gas Company Limited (RPGCL) by LNG Supply Control When the company tries to repair a supply system failure, it can not be sure that the LNG will be available once its officials can not tell their officials.

The RPGCL authorities have stated that a floating LNG floating unit has been delivered, an emergency shutdown error has occurred underneath. If you are at the bottom of the oval position, it may take several days for the error to complete.

KGDCL, Chief Engineer Khayez Ahmed Majumder said we would get 380-390 million cubic feet of gas from the National Grid and the LNG terminal. Between them were found 320-330 million cubic feet from the LNG terminal. Longie's stocks were completely closed on Saturday night. We are now delivering cubic gas stops to customers from the National Grid 200-2020 network. There was a crisis as a result of closing the supply of LNG.

He said that due to the crisis, all Chittagong gas stations were stopped. Also CUFL gas can not be given The center was in production. Due to lack of gas, it is now closed. In the fertilizer factory only Karnaphuli urea gas fertilizers (KAFCO) are provided.

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