Tuesday , January 18 2022

Fire in the official warehouse in Narangj


In the area of ​​Khanpur's Khanpur area of ​​Nanjingj, the bio-warehouse had a terrible fire. The fire broke out that the report was written on 4 BAG. In Dhaka and NINGING, fire fire service unit is operating in the fire.

Commerce Minister Majahan Khan and Chairman of BIWTA came to visit Kamoroor M. Mausheem Land. Many respondents are unable to fire in securities security for 4 hours in seconds.
Event event reached 12am. However, do not make it clear how the fire started. No results were found in the notification result. The Chief Minister Khan Shujat Khan said that in fact, a loss of 15 crores was damaged.

Police and witnesses said that at around 12:30, a fire broke out in the pipe near Shirinta warehouse area near Shilkat area. At present, the field of awareness is spread over. At that time, dump the wheels of the car. Increase in fire intensity has increased in this region. After receiving the information, Dhaka and eight units of Ningangjing were trying to control the fire. But in the midst of security insurance, the secret of such a terrible fire has been created.

On the afternoon of the fire, trade minister Majahan Khan and chairman of BIWTA reached Camoum M. Mozambur Haider. They visited various different gadgets and visited the situation of loss of fire.

Abdullah Al-Arifin, Narangejj Baal's Service and Civil Deputy Deputy Assistant Officer said that 10 units were firing. However, the reason for the fire could not be verified.

Nainenggar Sadar Model Police Inspector, Jainab Abin said that no one was shot dead. Full police job has been made for security

After the site inspection, Shipping Minister Mahehan Khan Khan said that there is a plastic pipe and a chemical jabb in the fire. He said that initially it is estimated that about 15 million rupees have been damaged in the fire. Many units were removed from Dhaka's main office in Dhaka, as under control. He hoped that soon the occupation of the fire would come down, he hoped.

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