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Marry Rahman? This is Sushmita Sen


Sushmita Dream with Lover Shall Photo: Gathered

Actress Sushmita Sen fights for love. 27-year-old model Rahman Shal is his friend News is not new. They have been seen together for a while. Taj Mahal also saw this couple. Sushmita itself recognized the relationship with Rahman through social media.

Beatown is a loud excitement, Rahman will bind with this beautiful girl. This is the wedding season that is happening in Bollywood. Two days later, Ranveer Singh and Deep Padukone were tied to Sat. Adjunct Chopra and American singer Nick Jonas will get to the beginning of next month.

Sushmita Sen never hid her friend. Not yet. His current friend is Rahman Shal. She poses in front of the camera. A few days ago Sushmita gave the Dipabli Party to her house, and there was also Rahman.

Over the past few weeks, the social media has published several photographs of former filmmaker Sushmith Rahman at Instagram. Rahman was seen with his two daughters. They seem to be very happy with their mother's choice.

Recently, a number of press releases have been published on the possible marriage of Sushmith and Rahman. It is said that Sushmit will be tied to Rahman next year.

A couple of days ago, a close friend of the DNA media said with Dusha: "We'll soon announce a plan to marry this couple." Source says Sushmit and Rahman have two months. They are seen in a fashion show. Then the relationship was gradually shaped. They are now discussing marriage. If everything goes well, they may be taken next year. "The source also said:" Sushmit and Rahman have gathered in a joint marriage decision. "

"In the meanwhile, Rahman has proposed Sushmith, and he also agreed, and so he said about public relations. They are now looking for a good day for marriage, they can be ripe for a wedding day in the winter of 019," the source said.

Now, Rahman is dedicated to Sushmitin's daughters. "Rinini and Alisa are a lot like Mr. Rahman, very happy two daughters of mother choice," said the source. But there was no comment from Sushmith.

Finally, 42-year-old Sushmit Senna opened her mouth after the buzzing of marriage. Instagram unambiguously said the actors "Sreef Tu". He said he now lives with "Rahman living" with the 27 year old Rahman Model!

Sushmita wrote: "When I look around the world, I train, everyone talks about all the rings and promises that I play, all the stories died in a trick, we do not think so far, but I live in a safe life.

Rahman and Sushmit on the Dipabli Party. Photo: Gathered

He also wrote with a hashtag: "Many truths have been said, love all! Muahahaha!"

What then? Sushmita Sen clearly said she would soon not get married soon. But it's also obvious he likes Rahman.

Rahman is the Mumbai model. He saw several ads. She had tried to keep her in Bollywood for a long time.

Rumadore Sushmit Sen, Ranadip Hood and Bikram Bhatt were angry at the relationship. But Sushmit did not open her face in private life. But she reveals her relationship with Rahman. That's why their marital speculation in B-Town is increasing. Source: Bollywood Bubble

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