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Mehedi & apos; s handicap & will become an instrument of Bangladesh


Mehedi Hasan, undisputed 15th victorious hero, Assembled image

Mehdi Hassan, a goalkeeper, was a gold businessman. Bangladesh won the World Cup title under 15 years

Sit in the stomach with some grains of water, open the lock of the store and sit in the chair to sprinkle. Burn the heater bulbs, produce a welded ring with silver, a building chain. The everyday life of a small jewelery employee was so bad in dirty words. Not so long ago about 2016.

Two years ago, Mehdi Hassan, the jeweler of today, has won the title of the undisputed teen champion for his trusted head. India and Pakistan were killed in Nepal near Jessor's son. In the semi-finals, India defeated the assassin against India. And after the transfer to the final he shot three times against Pakistan. Stopping five shots in two matches at the international level. Think about it! In fact, the hand of the laborer is hand Mehdi!

Mizanur Rahman's family with housewife, two daughters and Mehdi. You can not run the house to do the conductor bus. There is no study on the study of the oldest son Mehdi. Just football and football Because of anger in 2015, Mehdi handed over the gold trade. The boy learns to make a ring, the heater is alive to burn the lamp. But it is the pure fire that burns in the fire, and that is the desire to become a footballer. She was of course an opportunity to work in gold shops.

Mehedi stood at the Benapole Bazar Association under the gem of the Merchant Jewelry Team. Although the match is fantastic, the birds in the closed houses suddenly fly without the wings. Benchol coach Noor Islam Academy Sabbir Palash has won "gold" due to his presence in the field. Former football player of the national team understood that a golden trade employee would allow Bangladesh to get gold.

But before that, it was necessary to get Mehdi out of the gold shop and bring him out of the gold shop. He went to his father with Mehdi and said, "Give me your son, brother!" I will be responsible if I can not do anything in two years. "Palash is a true Johari, having no real knowledge of gold, and his disciple Mehdi was not more than two years old, starting in the field in 2016, a fire in November 2018. Earlier in the last Pioneer football for Nur Islam Academy, Mehedi.

But how can we overcome the toughest tactics like space prevention?

Founder of Nur Islamic Academy Ashraful Alam Liton and coach Sabbir Palash. Gathered image When he entered the academy after joining the camp, the Goalkeeper traveler came to the minister of Islam and worked. He stood in the BFF building on Monday if he did not have the Academy, he might have to work in a gold shop. It started and Mina came to the national team camp No, sir, very well taught at the foot of the players should be time spatakikera.

Former footballer Aminul Huq, Mehdi, rose again in the face of the gratitude of his academy and coach Palash. It's like talking to coach Palash to pick up gold from coal. He played with freedom fighters at the Aminul sports club for a long time. Aminul's charisma is therefore well known. After I got Mehdi's hand, I wanted to donate Aminul to the country: "I have been playing Aminul for six years with free fighters, the best goalkeeper in the history of Bangladesh." Mehdi took his hand to give another Aminul to the ground.

Whether it is like Aminul or Mehdi, you have to wait for it to be known. But Benapol's son, on some occasions, came to Aminula. Aminul won the Bangladesh title by scoring a tiebreaker against the Maldives in 2003 football. And Mehdi brought Bangladesh from the secretary. The difference between senior settlement and billing for boys is the sky and the underworld. But it is possible to guess a day after seeing it in the morning.

Once golden ornaments of Mehdi's hands were reflected in the golden ornaments. Whether a boy is still decorated with ornaments with handsome hands. Green house on closed canvas

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