Wednesday , September 28 2022

Rajput did not give up the possibilities of Bangladesh


Hashita Zimbabwe assigned for Sylhet test Photo: Shamsul Haque

Coach Lal Chand Rajput on the fourth day insisted on good bowling in Zimbabwe. However, he completely eliminated the potential of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh will have to make a very difficult test of Sylhet?
General mathematical calculations say no! At least 180 overs should be played in two days. The game started tomorrow for more than half an hour and is still expanding. Bangladesh has enough time to take 295 runs. That's why Red Star Rajput still hopes for the host. The Zimbabwean coach gave a philosophical answer to the question whether Bangladesh will win this test. He said there was nothing certain before the last goal was accepted. Not even before last time.

Stay away from the last run or goal. If you want to win another Test after a year, then Bangladesh will have to have 295 runs. On the other hand, Zimbabwe will have to win 10 goals. Both are far away. Yet why is Rajaput enjoying Bangladesh so favorably at a press conference?

Because cricket is not consistent with general mathematical calculations. The wagon on the subcontinent, especially in the last few years, will cause each team to run on the fourth and fifth day with a smile before delivery. What Sylhet says, said Rajput: "Sometimes the balls are even more bouncing, some balls overturned, some bent again, it's the fourth day of the victory, yet we have to make good balls, be patient and unambiguous.

Keep in mind that Rajput's description is the third day. Tomorrow, the fourth day and around this day, Rajput began to dream, "It's always hard to chase, especially on the fourth day, today's last ball is also encouraging, hopefully tomorrow morning we'll make a good ball, and we have to catch the catch. match, and there are many catches around the bats. We hope to get a good bowling and field meeting. "

We can expect Rajput. Zimbabwe, on the way to victory in the same way as Bangladesh, was ineffective before the test. This also after turning off ODI. The team that has changed to test cricket has changed. This gave Bangladesh a goal of 321 runs. Zimbabwe's Zimbabwean coach has begun to see the dream of winning the match: "After a one-day run, the Test is still good for two days, we need a good box and the opportunity is not easy." When we look at the statistics, the teams did not get more than 300 runs in the fourth inning. "

Rajput information is bad. Two teams have exceeded 300 targets in Bangladesh. Tisman's two neighbors reached targets 307 and 317 in a rotation bet. But the age of Australia and New Zealand ended this year. And Bangladesh has recently become a paradise for these incredible stories. Interestingly, Zimbabwe came consciously and prepared for it: "We held a two-month camp in the country and we know what is going on in Bangladesh. We knew that such a goal would be like that, we did good preparations and we will try to make it The attack will be organized with a combination of mid-pace and sprinters, but the spinning will be more mixed, because we see the spinners get to the goal We have to find a balance between our pace and the coordinates We have to reap well tomorrow, I hope they will. "

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