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Recognize Bhupen Hazaragi on Dance Songs


Dhaka: Famous mass singer of the subcontinent. Bhupen Hazarika Several Bengali people who did not listen to the artist's name, Bhupen Hazarika, are few. The song "Man for People" ranks among the top 10 songs of all time in a BBC audience survey.

On Monday (November 5), he was the seventh day of an artist who was honored with song songs. On this occasion, the program was organized in the auditorium of the Bangladesh National Academy Shilpakala Academy.

The Bangladeshi Shilpakal Academy Association and Asom Masdo, the birthplace of Bhupen Hazarika, in conjunction with the exception of Masjido, are commemorated with regard to the inhabitants of Surla Kantho Bhupen Hazarika.

Shiapakala Liaquat Ali Lucky Chief Executive Officer chairing the function at the start of the Mars Prolip event was illuminated. After that, guests were brought to Uttarayan.

Dr. Bhupen Hazarika discussed the event. Souman Bharatiya, Sunkanta Hazarika and Dr. Thimi de Bhupen Hazarika's sister musician Sadhakshina Sharma was present at that time.

The Talkers say finding the Bengali people in West Bengal, Assam, and Bangladesh would be rare who would not hear the name of the artist Bhupen Hazarik. Many songs are quite simple Bhupen Hazarika His voice was very harmonious, although it was very tough to judge from the melody.

They said that thanks to the Hindustani musical music and high dance, Bhupen Hazarika has a lot of music in the world of music. Since childhood, he has learned to understand the popular music of Indian music.

Bhupen Hazarika tasted the taste of various types of rural culture, including local bargags, the song of the goalie, the tea-majdur song, childhood bihugite.

After the discussion, the musician Siddiqua Sharma, Liaquat Ali Lucky, Rishiraj Sharma and others took part in a cultural event. Sangeeta Kakati and Abhijit Kumar Barua. Dhaka Sangskritik Dal and the dance drama of the Bangladeshi Shilpakal Academy together performed in concert music.

Sadhakshina Sharma and Rishiraj Sharma played the music at the beginning of the cultural festival. Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Dance Dance by dancing songs with song "Ebar Daib Dalan kotha ..", "Today life is found." & # 39; and a broad cross. & quot ;.

Artist Yasmin Ali served the song "Abstract This Night My & # 39 ;. Academy of Shilpakal Academy Roksana Rupsa, Sohanur Rahman and Suchitra Rani also played music. Eventually, Indian and Bangladeshi artists put together the song "Man for the People, for Life …"

In favor of Anastas Masdo, 18 books and two documentary films by Bhupen Hazarika, together with the autobiography, were handed over by the Shilpakal Academy Managing Director.

Bangladesh Time: 03.29 hours; November 6, 018
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