Wednesday , October 5 2022

Theater Drama Reparteri "Dear lovers" today


Theater drama Reparteri

Personnel reporter Recently the theater drama Repertoires of the sixth production track "Dear Lair" was released. Professor Abdus Salim, renowned translator from Bangladesh, translated actress Jeremy Timothy Kitty's "Dear Lair." The director says the director of the country. Irene Parvin Lopa Ataur Rahman starred as Bernard Shaw in the drama and other actor Karim Karim. It is now known that the third stage of the drama will take place on Thursday evening at Studio Theater Bangladesh's Shilpakala Academy.

Tanvir Alam Sajib, Light Basil, Body Decoration Babul, Graphic Design Dinabendu Udas Theatrical playwrights Ujjal, Tom, Muktanil and Natyam Rupertari. Launching the game on October 18 at Studio Theater, Shilpakala Academy of Bangladesh National Theater. Later, the drama became the second show of the day. The dramatic production of Rupertry's "Dear Lair" drama. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the world-renowned Irish literary and playwright George Bernard Shaw fell in love with the famous stage actress Patrick Campbell Stella. The deep love developed by Stella and Bernard Shaw reveals that in some letters among them. Tomorrow Kitty wrote Jeremy's "Dual Lair" letters of her love during this period. Drama did not allow love for love, just as their family status, appeared as a reference to the European war, and the first and second world wars were also revealed. But in the letter of their two, which is more remarkable, is the sweet battle of love. Battle gathered by Mancha Sarthi Ataur Rahman and Api Karim. The game "Dear Lair" was originally introduced as stage drama on the stage. Although it was introduced as a lesson, it had different levels. Directed by Irene Parvin Lopa, the director created another game. Thanks to this game, Api Karim works in a dramatic group outside of the Civic Dance community. Due to the anatomy of the games, Ataur Rahman seems very similar to Bernard Shaw. Just like his well-known audience, he reminded the audience of the time to do the round. Age is rising and change is accompanied by the voice of actor The main goal of playing magic of voices is to play lessons. In addition to these two defects, the actors strive without any doubt to reach the goal. Along with this is Api Karim. During one hour of play, two people were fascinated by the Natya Peapsu Viewer drama. Usually, there is no dimension in the acting scene, but it also brings novelty. Drama will be seen at first glance, it's probably a scenic game. In general, she has tried to create a well-known platform that she calls herself. Even after a walk on an actor's stage, it may not seem like a scene, not a reader. Although dramas play drama, he kept everything in the stage of the game. Sometimes the movement of both, the hero of the hero, the dress, the light, the construction of the stage, everything is in "Dear Lair". Which transmits viewers to the scene multiple times. "Dear Lair" is one of the most popular productions on the Dhaka scene.

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