Wednesday , September 28 2022

What is the reason for Bangladesh's test failure?


The Bangladesh team is stuck in a series of cricket failures Test. Against Zimbabwe in three and a half days to lose The hosts were all in two shifts before the 200th year. The Bangladesh team, which took place in the last four tests of all eight sets, was under 200 runs. There were two test matches in the field.

Finally, this test could not be saved. The disaster that must be witnessed for a long time must be abandoned once more. Bangladesh must face the shame of losing three and a half days against Zimbabwe.

There will be win-win As Bangladesh loses, there are new questions about birth. Again, meet one group of irresponsible chaos. Sri Lankan launcher, bowling is a test team; Bangladesh

All off-site activities may cause a dispute. Four of the five test debuts were conducted. The way the criminals enter the team, the impact of the domestic cricket structure on the team, the role of the selectors, the invisible hand. Critical admission page. Field cricket performances are the result of these attacks.

Cricket players play a big role in cricket in the field. It's a limited number. But why not elite cricket? We will see the last eight directions.

Beginning with the disaster against Sri Lanka in Dhaka He went to western India, nakani-chubani! Everything is in shame for 43 runs, shame in shifts. Now the team of Bangladesh must eat in Sylhet against Zimbabwe to eat. These faults fall on the shoulders of the bat!

Inconspicuous style of winning games This is why the team has not seen the winning goal in five years. The team who did not get the test in seventeen years will have to face the same thing! Those who learn to become a cricket world will have to give up land against Zimbabwe! How long will it be such a shame! Elite cricket passed ten years ago! protection status

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