Tuesday , July 5 2022

Daryl Neville almost won the rally in Catalonia after being oned!


This 15th WRC victory will be remembered for a long time. The first time Neville Riley was on a flying carpet before the start of the Catalonia Power Stage. But it is also good to say that nothing will be done until the end Finish the flight The test, and the Hyundai driver, had a bitter experience when it came to launching its i20 Coupé WRC in one of the world’s troubles. Finally, the Korean car was able to return to extremism and again to mark the time of the last Catalan special to be launched.

Neville finally completed the last pass at the Ruidecanyes with the fastest time enough to offer him four bonus points but from top to bottom to secure his season-ending victory. “It was very full”Garry said shortly after arriving. For Martijn Wydaeghe, this is her second WRC victory since Ypres in mid-August. No. 11 Hyundai didn’t finish the race with 24.1 seconds from Elphin Evans (Toyota).

He finished third overall with an over-drive pass this Sunday while handing five points off the power stage, Dani Sordo failed from Neville in 35 seconds. Thanks to this double podium, Honda Motorsports stopped Toyota Gazo Racing from being crowned in Spain. We’ll have to wait for the Japanese for Monza …

He was hoping to pick up the crown this weekend but he also had to wait for Lombardy. Sastbastien Ogier (Toyota) failed at the foot of the final podium. The Frenchman scored 17 points more than Evans when he arrived at Monza. Seb missed the podium for less than seven seconds. Fifth for Kal Kalh Rovanpera who finished the rally at 1:31 from Neuville. Gus Greensmith (Ford, + 4: 17.3) and Oliver Solberg (Hyundai, + 4: 26.7).

The 2021 WRC final will be November 19-21 in Monza.

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