Saturday , December 4 2021

He could not let his wife go to the center of care


As Metropolitan This morning, a 84-year-old pensioner has hit her 81-year-old man at the door of the Markpiper's south, Pawlos's Jail hallway door. .

The Ophansians then intend to join his elder wife intended to join his wife, because he was impressed by Alizirer's illness, as he told him to the police department's security, which he had on his bed. Lincolnas gave the doctor approval to present in the hospital where he was moved to the hospital. He is out of danger.


To quit, he confirms that he had strangled before his wife had suffered in the garbage. This confession of death causes arrived on Friday 22:30 by the results of medical examinations. Discover the samples around the neck of the dead body. In Montpellier, the Fujian Institute of Military Institute said that autobiography, which operates at the beginning of the week in Laoperoei, should be confirmed by this death.

The striking explanation of the incredible fact of his fact said that he did not support his recent decision, which could reach his wife to the appropriate center for alien patients after he was depressed. The second was very close, unbelievable, and the idea of ​​this was to increase this horrific celebration when the man became alone in a single day in Paul's trails.

Alzheimer's disease is the developmental loss of neurosystem disease, which is due to the development of the missile utility due to the development and inaccessible disadvantages. In humans it is the biggest cause of depression.

New Verses: A Oral Bacterium

This tournament, three days later, gives rise to the development of traditional journalism, which ensures that a bacterium may cause a role in the introduction of verbal sophistication. In short, a simple oral verbal system would destroy the health.

A team of American researchers certainly ensures the brain's brain, nasal illness, bacterial tract, which causes chronic terminitis, removes inflammatory gum and bone.

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