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lift the weights to reduce the risk!


People who lift weight less than one hour a week reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack by 40 to 70%. You do not have to spend more time in the gym to get more benefits …

This extensive study carried out by researchers fromIowa State University, took into account 12,591 participants aged 47 on average. Researchers evaluated the levels of exercise resistance of subjects through questionnaires. They investigated the possible link between this typedrill and three health consequences: cardiovascular events such as heart attacks and heart attacks AVC does not cause death, all cardiovascular events including death and death from all types of causes.

Results published in the journal Medicine and science in sport and exercise, showed that muscle strength reduction exercise reduces the risk of the three scenarios above. Performing these exercises from 1 to 59 minutes a week, one week or two or three different, was associated with a 40-70% risk reduction to undergo a cardiovascular event.

Researchers have come to similar results by looking at the risk of death from cardiovascular events and deaths from other causes.

One hour of bodybuilding a week

It should be noted, however, that gaining iron four times a week or digesting more than one hour per week does not provide additional benefits. "People may think they need to spend a lot of time to lift the weight, but only two table training less than five minutes."known author Duck-chul Lee.


Only two desk press sessions lasting less than five minutes may suffice

These results, which are among the first to consider the relationship between resistance exercises and cardiovascular diseasealso showed that the benefits of exercise are independent of running, walking and any activity that stimulates aerobic activity, meaning that even if individuals can not track physical activity, it may be sufficient to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Scientists have noted that it is not easy to incorporate them resistance exercises into his everyday routine, unlike walking or running. Professor Lee therefore recommends subscribing to a gym to make it easier to access these exercises, but daily activities can also increase muscle strength. It shows it "Lifting any type of weight that increases muscle strength is the key […] My muscles will not change when I kick the garden, if I have shopping bags or if I lift the weights.

What to remember

  • People who lift the weight between 1 and 59 minutes a week significantly reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular events.
  • Long-term training sessions do not bring any further benefits.
  • These muscle strength exercises can be done in the gym or at home, carrying heavy objects or gardening.

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