Thursday , April 15 2021

Vincent with open-heartedness before the company standard: “I can’t feel it.”

“I’ve been in Elderch for over ten years,” Vincent Kompany said in his press briefing. “I never played for points. So we go to the standard to win. I’ve had an extraordinary week of training, but I know it’s not a concern. In the first leg, Enderlich and Stellar were 0-0. I hope one thing: that my players will show some improvement.

Kompany explained deeply about his stance and criticism of him. “Honestly, I don’t care for a second about my position. What I’m interested in is helping my players get back to their best form. I admit that our last two games were bad, but ours The last 15. “

Observers agree that the company would have been fired earlier if he had not been called a company. Vincent, with a smile: “This is the concept that exists. Ever since I was today – and especially where I grew up – I have never been privileged. If there is an impression that I have privileges in Enderleacht. Okay, I won’t go in. Sorry for that, if it weren’t for Andre, I would not be leaving this project. I did it for the love of the club. The reputation of the period should be expected, but one thing is clear: I do not feel uncomfortable, and I do not feel any better than anyone.

Kompany has claimed to be handcuffed by critics. “I’ve learned it’s wasted energy. I’m saving my energy for the next game.”

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