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QUIZ – 30 candidates for the Miss France 2019 election will head to Mauritius this Tuesday to prepare for a ceremony to be held in Lille on 15 December.

On June 22 in Papeete, Vaimalama Chaves received the scarf and crown of Miss Tahiti 2018. The 23-year-old was the first regional Miss of the Year elected for the Miss France 2019 ceremony. On October 26 in Tinqueux (Marne) there were 29 sacred queens of beauty in their areas. Everyone hopes to win the promising title of the French Ambassador, which will be awarded on December 15th in Lille by the public, and the 100% female jury presided over by the Renaud line. The ceremony will again be presented live by Jean-Pierre Foucault.

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Following a presentation to the press and a traditional transition to the 13-hour reporter Jean-Pierre Pernaut on Monday, TF1, 30 Maëva Coucke's successors will go to Mauritius on a preparatory trip Tuesday. At the beginning of December, Lille returns to the final exam and chooses a passage to the pre-election jury, which sets 12 semifinalists before the ceremony.

This new promotion has already had its share of hiccup. Aurélie Pons, Miss Provensie 2018 decided to give up her scarf to earn her sentimental life. Wynona Guéraïni (19 years and 1.74m), her second in a row, will replace her in the national election. A few days later the candidate was deprived of Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais's election due to "legal disagreements". These regional elections were published mainly due to the coronation of Annabelle Varane, sister Raphaël Varane, footballer and world champion of the French team.

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