Sunday , August 14 2022

Yellow vests: E19 still stuck at the Feluy level after a tough night



E19 is blocked in the direction of Mons-Brussels between 39.6 (La Louvière) and Nivelles-Sud, following the mobilization of the "yellow vest" that attempted during the weekend. end and Monday to block Total Feluy's submission, Touring Mobilis informs Tuesday morning about 6:00.

Blocking concerns a section of 10 km of motorway. The trip is closed at this place from Monday night around 22:00, according to Touring. The yellow vests are located on the E19 motorway. The road was blocked and closed in both directions between A54 and A501.

This evening he slipped.

The movement of the yellow vest was re-established on Monday in Wallonia. Blockades continued in strategic locations until the police intervened in large numbers. Especially Feluy during the afternoon and the whole evening.

At around 1:30 PM, the federal police decided to take action before entering the Total de Feluy fuel glass. He helped with the pump that sent out protesting water, the police and their shields could break the dam. Three people were also arrested in connection with an administrative arrest.

Approximately fifty yellow vests were in front of Total, when the police once again asked them to leave the premises or to use the pumping equipment. But the protestors did not want to leave. The police have therefore taken advantage of the main means to remove entry to the fuel depot. All access to Total was then blocked by the police for more than an hour. Even the highway exits leading to Feluy were closed.

In the evening many people gathered in Feluy to rebel. The riders also joined the movement. Several members of the yellow vest would also appear from these people who came just to get a mess.

"We ask all families, responsible and respectable people, to leave the premises"wrote Silvio Bonfanti, one of the leaders of the Action citoyennes group against government measures. He raises "dangerous person" who joined the group.

Smoke, Bengal fires and a tree lying on the road. The situation has degenerated. The police have hitherto intervened at the time of writing. The movement was still in progress.

S. Ha. (with Belga)

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