Wednesday , August 4 2021

Anuisa recommends suspending the vaccination of AstraZeneca in pregnant women

The Health Surveillance Agency (ANISAWA) recommended on Monday evening (10) to immediately suspend the application of the vaccine against the Aster Zenica / Turquoise vaccine in pregnant women.

Vaccine was used in pregnant women along with comorbidities. Now, only koronac and pfizer can be applied to pregnant women.

The text of the note, issued by the Regulatory Agency, states that the directive is that “the National Immunization Program (PNI) should follow the Astra Zenica vaccine indication and this directive is the result of continuous monitoring of adverse events on vaccines.” Is used in the country “.

However, Aniseva did not report any adverse events on pregnant women in Brazil.

The text also states that “in the case of immunization taxa, vaccine should not be used solely through an individual assessment of a health professional who understands the risks and benefits to the patient”. The current package filed against Asura Zenica vaccine against Colorado, however, does not recommend the use of a vaccine without medical advice.

Vaccine The Astra Zenica allows for more mileage between the first and second engines: three months. Click here and consider the reason for the ـ first degree protection and 2 month three month break.

The first dose of the vaccine against Covid-19 has already been applied 35.909.617 People until this Monday. This represents 16.96% of Brazil’s population.

The second dose has already been applied 18.073.591 (8.54% of the country’s population) in all states and federal districts.

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