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Bolsonaro says diesel prices will rise: I do no miracle


President Jared Bolsonaro (no party) has said that during a conversation with supporters in Pal supporterscio da Alvorada, he said there would be a new reform in diesel prices in the country soon. He went on to say that although Brazilians are “dissatisfied” with fuel prices fluctuating, he cannot do “miracles”.

“The staff is unhappy? Yes. It has been three months since we have refinished the diesel without refining it. Soon the read will be available. It does not take long. Now, I can’t do a miracle, “Balsarno declared. The last ment due to diesel took place on July 5, and not three months as he claimed.

In a conversation with his supporters, Bolsonaro said the problem was “not just here” in fuel prices “in Brazil, but” all over the world “.

He once again submitted the tax rates to the state tax and reminded that he appealed to the STF (Supreme Federal Court) to appoint the National Congress, within 120 days, to rate the ICMS (tax on the circulation of goods and services) in the states. els on arrival General Chat Chat Lounge

Although politicians blame the ICMS for high fuel prices, experts have heard URL The key factor to point out is the price increase and Petrobras pricing policy.

Finally, the current chief executive of the Federal Executive highlighted that anyone who is “satisfied” with his government “will change the next and next year’s election”, referring to the 2022 presidential election that will either elect him or elect a new agent. General Chat Chat Lounge

In the midst of rising prices, Bolsonaro blamed ICMS

uel fuel prices undergo many changes during 2021 and, in some states, petrol has already raised $ 7 per liter. Amid criticism, President Jared Bolsonaro has tried to free himself, attributing values ​​to the ICMS, which is a state tax, and even blames the “greed” of governors.

Earlier this month, the president called on the STF to request a change in the ICMS charge on fuel and recognize from the court that it recognizes that the governor is not taxed proportionately. The chief of the executive asks that 120 days be passed for Congress to pass a law that conforms to the rates of the states.

“The strong balance of ICMS rates gives rise to issues that put a lot of burden on the final consumer, which, at the expense of the integrity of Brazil’s financial federalism, can be punished with extra cost of financing. Prices because of high cost of production ”. Supreme Court.

Official data, however, shows that the factor that weighs in is the increase in monthly costs not ICMS in the past months, but adjustments by Petro Bras. State Tax Amount Why is a significant portion of the amount that you pay at driver stations, but the L percent has not changed recently.

Prices at Petrobras refineries may

At a press conference held, Claudio Mastella, executive director of marketing and logistics at Petro Bras, warned that the company could increase fuel prices in its refineries. As informed, the prices are down compared to the international market.

According to Petrobras officials, there was no change in the pricing policy and the oil company continued the international cues, but avoided external volatility.

A Abacom (The Brazilian Association of Fuel Importers) calculates that there is 14% in diesel and 10% in gasoline, according to data closure from the last Friday (24).

The last revision in diesel price was made by Petrol Brass on July 5, while for petrol it was on August 12.

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