Wednesday , October 27 2021

Botafogo will endeavor to renew the ‘last movement’ with values ​​closer to those requested by Rafael Naaro


And Botafogo The striker’s agreement to try to make the “final move” in the coming weeks Raphael Narrows, The top scorer in the team The B Series With ten goals. According to “Canal de Matheirs”, the values ​​requested by the board player and his staff will be very close.

In an interview with Botafogo TV last Sunday, the president of the club, Dorset festival, Spoke quickly about the matter and said the board will make an attempt. As of now, the ations are not there anymore and it is currently a trend for them to leave at the end of the year, when the relationship ends.

From the outset, under the command of Anderson Morrera and vice-captain, the climate of expectation with regard to access to the CERA also carries a lot of weight. If you want to confirm, Botafogo will have the largest budget forecast and, as such, can offer gloves for a fixed price and a salary of 99 shirts.

Also, according to the channel, the relationship between Botafogo’s board of directors and Rafael Navarro’s businessmen was a little weary after an interview with the football director, Eduardo Freeland, At the beginning of the month. At the time, he said the club had accepted the player’s offer of fatigue and he expected a positive response – which was not over.

At the age of 21, Rafael Navarro has 11 goals and nine assists this season and has gained a lot of prominence in the transfer market, attracting clubs’ interest in the Serie A in Brazil and abroad as well. Valladolid (ESP)CYNDI WANG LOVES YOU DOWNLOAD Vitória de Guimarães (POR)CYNDI WANG LOVES YOU DOWNLOAD Verona (ITA) O bar this TurkeyGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

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