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DefesaNet – Embraer Dossier – Emerra National Power Sales and Risk


Belzata Rita

Statistics and Social Studies Economic Studies of the International Union Department's Economic Studies (DIEESE).
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Neither DefesaNet DIEESE is an organization that is associated with a PC and set

It is said that American Booming is not expected to buy the part of the part, if re-reinstated by justice, threatens national sovereignty and results in the result of the history of aquarium in the country in the result. The business organization, which incorporates commercial airplane producer billins and strips in the hands of new companies, will have to work hard to keep an end to stay. The real risk is that a lot of stereotypes for a company's country, in a few years, will be the sole supplier of parts to the United States.

Last week of the last week Last Thursday (20) When the Saolo Polo Federal Court has been given a injunction suspended a legally-traded business by the Majorsers Union's Joyce-do Campus and National Consolidation of Mental Calls. The decision was decided by the SAO Polo judge of the 24th Federal Civil Court, Judge Bravoio Nuizio Nato, who had previously given another responsibility capable of suspending, this region was rejected by the third zone (TRF3) of the federal council.

Sales is one of the most important part of the world without the world's third largest commercial carrier. Emmer Beer was introduced by the German Air Force in 1969 and at that time about 16,000 workers, mostly in the world's small commercial commercial production. This field of production will go into a whole new company, in the case of Boing Agreement, where Brazil will take only 20% of the government and not control power, 80 percent of which the U.S. company is.

Even though it does not face its difficulties in the world today, the companies lose space in the future as this agreement.

Emperor, who was only after the agreement with Executive and Military Air Force sections, was difficult to stand up. It is the prospect of selling commercially commercial sector, which supports the administrative sector and will be compatible with the military sector.

The military sector, in particular, the government is its main claim. They position the Tammar government and the administration of Bolsarov on the other hand, to guide themselves and position them in the place of strengthening government accounts. The government has the sharp spending of the government to maintain this sector of payment. Neither sector can be avoided by commercial vessels.

But what does Brazil mean to prevent a strong company like AMBer?

Emer is a military company of Brower and there is a direct link between the defense and power of the country. In the middle of the world, where countries protect their technological hazards and are developing through their expiration, Brazil is the leading fast-tech company and is a national Institute for research of many organizations such as space. (INPE) and the Science Science and Technology Department (DCTA) are mentioned, only those who are mentioned in the essay of Ambermer in Campus Campus.

This means to develop techniology to leave the Brazilian power supremacy. There is an economic destination for a country that is not in its position of innovation.

The threat of freezing the worst of the country by justice and the description of this company and the government and the government's interest in the involvement of the company and the involvement of the government. Although the armed forces, particularly related to the Hobby's military sector, have not been opposed to this business.

Currently available products in EMBRA's military sector, which are used in this training in A-29 Super Tucano, USA, and on C-390. After this, no new job will be provided and we know that the ideal is that after the delay of new development process, the new generation of production will start soon after the market starts. Regardless of the product, such an important source for the defense of the country will be eliminated, for example, the border plane will be used to monitor intelligence.

In this context, A & E's mention of the status of approximately 16,000 employees when we analyze the business business results. Some of them are expected to move into the US. However, the main interest of American boiling is on the engineering sector, which has 4,500 cars, which can not be fully absorbed. While discussing the fate of the MFA staff is difficult when it comes to the history of the big company, as it was in 2009.

Despite the effort to sell the commercial sector, with regard to the company, now an old Aberberber says he should be more involved in administrative and military classes and in the name "Newcomer", the new company. Bio and it will be with a commercial airline.

However, despite the mark, the right to sell is used in speech, there will be no new jobs in the business, but one company sells and acquired one by Boing, and what time is it at Qaesar, the other. Eberfather is sold in its most important key sector division company that is a threat to weakness.

Find out after the future of Employment and Employer who keep their views on the future of their national sovereignty and our country.

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