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Federal Council of Medicine and Public Health in Brazil – 10/17/2021


Public Note # 38 A The Human Rights Commission’s Commission on Dom Palo Everest Arenas publicly expresses its astonished and utter anger at being certified during the epidemic of the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) and its president, Dr. Mauro Ribeiro.

In the guise of defending medical sovereignty, an ethical requirement of the profession, which is in no way consistent with the rules of the merger of health specialists, the Council Council of Anael, a federal agency created specifically to monitor the sector’s processes and practices. General Chat Chat Lounge Approves CFM Feedback 4/2020 and applies it to Aforce, considering the use of chloroquine and hydroxy chloroquine in various situations.

According to the CFM Opinion 4/2020, the use of drugs that were not previously effective to inactivate them may be considered (i) ineffective in relation to patients with mild symptoms, (ii) patients with significant symptoms. Why, but without need. Suncare and (still) (iii) critically ill patients receiving intensive care, including mechanical ventilation and established lung injury, make it difficult to imagine that these medications could have clinically significant effects ( The result of the feedback itself!).

The lack of political motivation and scientific rigor was evident in a virtual meeting of the Regional Council of Madison on May 7, 2020, when the president of the CFM acknowledged that the drugs released had no scientific evidence for their efficacy. To prove it. And the release was “entirely” from “the rules of the council.” OnlineHow to explain absenteeism, that the medical class was greatly influenced by the popularity of medicine during President Dilma Rousseff’s time, and that the current president meets the demands of the Republican Council!

It is said that the incorrect opinion does not refer to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the organization’s recommendations for sanitation in the region, such as social distance, quarantine, mask use, mass testing and vaccination, among the Yin. Precautions. However, the feedback acknowledges the experimental nature of the recommendation and notes that the American Society for Infection Diseases only supports treatment with these medications in patients undergoing a clinical research protocol in hospitals.

The question that remains unresolved is this: If this is the case, why release ineffective medicines, if the arguments of the Republican President’s denial cannot be strengthened, as has already been clearly acknowledged? It was also said that because they are not anti-depressant medications, on the contrary, they are medicines that can have a detrimental effect on an already debilitating health condition.

It should be noted that Article 99 of the Code of Medical Ethics prohibits physician participation in any experiment involving humans, whether for military, political, ethnic, eugenic or purposes or purposes that link human dignity. Despite all this, as a pilot, the president of CFM says and repeats: We do not recommend anything. We only allow the use of drugs.

It is not the medical sovereignty that is required, but the incentive for medical malpractice, due to the internal policy of the CFM and its president. It is intended to clarify that professionals who follow a false recommendation and will not be punished for “eligible” CFM rules, the Council also expresses the feeling that a physician “suggested” by Opinion 4. It does not comply with the terms.

A few days ago, the Federal Public Defender’s Office distributed a public civil action in federal court in Sao Paulo, asking the CFM to be responsible for those actions and for the immediate suspension and validity of CFM Opinion 4/2020. General Chat Chat Lounge

With that decision, justice will be done to the hundreds of thousands of Brazilians who have been killed by COD-19, including hundreds of doctors and health professionals, on the front lines of the fight against epidemic, and with professionals who are still living. Are fighting to fight to. A health epidemic and an outbreak of inaccurate information that forces the immune system to try to weaken vaccination on a large scale. Brazilian doctors who honor, day by day, Hippocratic oaths, at the risk of their own lives and the health of their families, are not entitled to the CFM who describe themselves with this irresponsibility. By word, the federal court in Sao Paulo.

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