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Give it a go! The Galaxy Z Folder 3 details the camera settings released

Update (10/05/2021) by LL

Preparations for the launch of three new Samsung smartphones – the Galaxy S21 F, Galaxy Z Folder 3, and Galaxy Z Flip 3 – are in full swing. The new addition to the Galaxy S21 line has already released the concept image, while Folder Flip has also received the video that conceptualizes its latest design.

Many details about the device have been leaked in the past week, including some technical specifications and waterproof confirmation. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 has also been conceptually designed, but now more interesting information about the device has surfaced: data about the camera is revealed.

E Author FrontTrone reports that the new Galaxy Zoom Fold 3 will feature a total of five cameras, two front and three rear. For selfies, the cellphone must have a 10MP sensor (Sony IMX374, 1.22µm pixels) enabled in the form of holes on the external display.

On the internal display, the foldable smartphone can actually deliver camera technology under the screen, using Samsung’s 16MP sensor (Sony IMXx71, 1μm pixels).

On the back side, Lyari claims that ZZFold 3 will have a triple camera setup, consisting of a 12MP main sensor, 12MP wide angle sensor and 12MP telephoto sensor.

The focal length is still an unknown conundrum, but the telephone camera must have a 3x optical zoom and OIS, the latter of which is also available in wide-angle sensors. All cameras are expected to be able to record 4K video at 60 fps.


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Updated by LL (05/05/2021)

The possibilities only increase with regard to Samsung’s latest foldable smartphones, the Galaxy Z Folder 3 and the Galaxy Z Philip 3. The news will take the place of Galaxy Note 21, whose line is closed this year because of a lack of components affecting the entire technology industry.

After rumors about the leveling and waterproof certification of promotional materials for the new foldable concept images were released that suggest that the design of the Zip Flip 3 looks dated, it is now time to fold three times visual:

On the back, the Galaxy Fold 3 offers a new layout of the camera in vertical shape and more intuitive than the one used in the previous model of the line. The three sensors are essentially equipped, maybe the same as the new Galaxy S21, and an LED flash.

From the front, the new Folble should not look very different from the previous Z Zold 2. But in fact, the screen contains the basic feature that should make the Z Fold 3 a game changer in Samsung’s product line. This is the front camera under the 7.55-inch display.

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This feature is unique among the phones of South Korean manufacturers, which uses a mark on the screen to position the sensor even in premium models. E Author Ice Queens has published a picture that shows how the ZoomFold 3 screen will look under the display with camera technology. It is not known exactly which part of the screen will be inserted.

It is important to note that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 should have the support of S Pen and deliver a glass of resistant glass more than the Z Fold 2. If the arrival of the new Folder will occur in July 2021, as the rumors suggest, the Cell Is already being tested. We must go into more detail on Folder 3.

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Update (03/05/21) – GB

As we know, Samsung will soon launch two new foldable phones of Galaxy Z4 and Zip Flip 3. The devices had already released a series of details, which we are both likely to confirm with water.

Now, there’s a huge leak posted on the internet Different promotional materials for new smartphonesGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Apparently, Samsung should have used these images in the folding presentation, but someone within the company ended up publishing everything ahead of time.

So we now know that the Galaxy Z Folder 3 should hit the market with the support of S Pen and be Samsung’s first Folder A front camera is under the displayGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

Z Folder 3 also has the camera positioned specifically on the vertical. In addition, the pictures show that the phone eventually shuts off completely, leaving no room for directions.

When it comes to the Galaxy Z Flip 3, on that model Should use vertical camera setupGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Its glass will be Gordella glass wax and it is available everywhere.

The foldable rear display is also great and allows users to see more information and the phone can be sold in four colors with two tones.

by now Samsung has not revealed itself yet About the truth of the content. Thus, we insist that everything be considered as just another market flip.

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Update (04/19/2021) – VC

It seems that Samsung is committed to reducing the gap between foldable smartphones and traditional bar-shaped models by offering more resistance to the upcoming model.

According to the website Sam Mobile, The maker will launch the new Galaxy Z Folder 3 and Galaxy Z Philip 3 With formal certification of water and soilGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Unfortunately, it is not shown what numbers the makers get, but it is likely that we are not talking IP67 Or IP68Which guarantees extreme water protection when the device is submerged in water.

Due to the foldable cable, the gear and the small spaces that today make the smartphone completely waterproof, Samsung can overcome a simple official resistance against water distribution and heavy grains of sand, but still mobile phones in the water. Does not guarantee odor.

Samsung is thrilled to further integrate itself with its Galaxy Z line as the leading manufacturer of foldable smartphones.

The new model is expected to arrive in the middle of this year, possibly from July, when manufacturers have had to postpone the announcement of these models, perhaps because the camera technology under the screen is ready. Z was applied in Folder 3General Chat Chat Lounge

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As many people believe that the device should be formalized in separate events, the people who work with Samsung strengthen it Offer dedicated to folding onlyGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

Due to the widespread breakdown, this launch will be broadcast to social networks of industrialists around the world.

As of now, Samsung hasn’t commented on the official deal. However, there is a reason for this expectation at the launch of the Fold: Galaxy Note 21 has been canceled.

The manufacturer himself assumes that the reduction of chips has been a hindrance to the development of the dust. Therefore, the company wants to fill this gap in its agenda with new folding cell phones.

Do you believe this is the best strategy for Samsung? Looking for the company’s new foldable? Let us know in the comments here.

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