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"Mirror of Life": Alain and Isabel will be transarão


"Mirror of Life": Isabel (Alinne Moraes) and Alain (João Vicente de Castro) (Photo: TV Globo)

Alain (João Vicente de Castro) and Isabel (Alinne Moraes) will behave in other chapters "Mirror of life".

Everything will begin anytime Priscila (Clara Galinari) will discover that the creator is your father. Faced with revelation, the girl will run away and hide in the cave. Alain and Isabel will go after their daughter and they will be arrested for the sake of it heavy rain.

When Priscilla sleeps, the mood swings and Alain and Isabel kiss. Sometime later, in the city, they will meet again.

We have to talk about our daughter. And finish what we started in the cave. Do not you think? – will question the villain.

Alain agrees to take the bull to the cottage.

ANDI love you, Alain, I love you, "says the journalist.

"You do not say that." Do not say anything! he replied.

Two will kiss again and then fuck. The next day Isabel will be very happy:

Do not pull out. Remember that we stayed like this for hours? Sometimes without saying anything. Just feeling close to the other's body. For I was today as though I had been on time in those years. I'm just waiting on it happened again. Well.

I do not want you to feed such hope. It happened, okay. But you know I do not love you, "says Alain.


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