Tuesday , July 5 2022

Producer League of Legends accused of sexual harassment


The company responsible for the Legends League, one of the most popular online role-playing games, is accused of paying lower wages to women and covering sexual harassment cases, the BBC said.

The lawsuit against Riot Games is administered by a former employee and others still work in the company. In its statement, the technology company said it was investigating charges.

"Although we are not dealing with details of ongoing litigation, we can say that we are taking seriously and thoroughly all the allegations." "We remain committed to the deep and comprehensive development of our culture to ensure that Riot is a place, all employees prosper."

The event is led by Melanie McCracken, an internal communication specialist in the company since 2013, and Jessica Negron, a content editor who resigned in 2017 after two years of rental.

According to them, women's employees were the permanent victims of harassment within Rioty. In one case, the "Hottest Women of Society" and pejorative adjectives were broadcast in the ladder. In another situation, according to officials, women were forced to participate in online games where men were harassed and humiliated.

Prosecution also claims that women's employees receive unequal rewards from men even though they perform the same function. According to Negron, who at that time earned $ 56,000 a year, she was assigned to perform the same job as a former manager without earning a salary of $ 160,000.

After six months of office and without effective promotion, the job was transferred to another employee.

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