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Rick Grimes and the ghosts of the past and the future


WARNING! Contains spoilers from episode 5 of the 9th Season The Walking Dead, "What Comes Later"

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It's a new end and a new beginning for The Walking Dead. The fifth episode of the nine-zombie series, the AMC and Fox phenomenon, was marked by exciting returns to Andrew Lincoln's official farewell series, but also opened up a new story and a fresh future for production.

("Sonequa Martin-Green"), Hershel (late Scott Wilson) and Shane (Jon Bernthal), who have been running for a long time, seeking Rick's family. Moments that are hallucinatory protagonists have more purpose than excitement: they explain that this Rick's departure is something that was far off than you imagined – and the end of the episode leaves this even clearer.

It is interesting to note that in the construction of this episode is the most important one, which deals specifically with narrative, long invisibility The Walking Dead. Everything that has been going on since the beginning of the season will culminate here: the bridge, Maggie's own anger, the difference in worldview between Rick, Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan), Judith as the future of this population. And, of course, the existence of a mysterious helicopter.

In this way, the episode is honored as not being too tragic or dramatic – at no point did she force herself to be emotional, although references to the previous period are effective dramatic pitfalls, and so it is an extremely correct and happy episode in which suggests. The scenes between Maggie and Michonne, especially Maggie and Negan, are the ones that are more widespread and more meaningful because they transform the narrative arches into space and open space for Michonne to effectively take the lead.

The surprise really ends when it is discovered that Rick will survive. This is the strategic development that drives the future of the expanding Walking Dead universe. First of all, it has never been explicitly stated that Rick will die, even though he was the one that was implied. But the choice goes through the threshold between skill – using the story of the protagonist to catapult another project – and cruelty – so that fans believe in a death that did not occur, in true deception. It is certain that if the episode wanted to cause it, it was successful.

Overall, this is the ninth season The Walking Dead it turns out to be the real breath that history needed, with poorer stories and better use of more interesting characters. Unfortunately, declining audiences show that this awakening came too late. It remains to wait for someone to stand in Rick's absence. And plums come.

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