Thursday , May 26 2022

Santos bettor wins the game alone with rewards


A bet from Santos (SP) was drawn yesterday or Mega Sienna number yesterday or yesterday (16). Lucky one paid R $ 4.50 to win, and won R $ 11.5 million. According to Caixa Econômica Federal, this is likely to be one of 50 million.

See examples that a winner can win with prize money.

The 2419 competition was held in Sao Paulo and the figures were shown 10-35-43-48-50-53General Chat Chat Lounge

There were 31 terms in the corner that were considered, with lucky people receiving R $ 83,364.16 each.

Another or 3,078 terms were awarded R $ 1,199.42, the price for those who hit the court.

When will Yu-Mega-Sena be?

The 2420 competition will take place next Tuesday (19), in Sao Paulo, at a ceremony from 8:00 pm (Brazil time), with live broadcasts on the Internet, to the Bank’s official channel on YouTube, and with the possibility. One time exhibition by RedeTV! (The official lottery calendar is no longer reported on the Draw TV show, always one day).

MegaSena: How to contribute to the next draw?

Players can play up to 15 numbers from the lottery via Caixa, or by using the bank’s exclusive lottery website. All bets registered are eligible to win a prize in the game for one hour before the draw.

And a lottery lottery jacket, how does it work?

Caixa-rated lottery companies manage these raffles, which are actually a group bet with the lowest price. In the case of Mega Sena, this amount is set at R $ 10. Each participant must enter with a fee of at least R $ 5. In this type of game, an additional service fee of up to 35% of the fee may be charged. Mega Cine works with a pool that lasts from two to 100 problems, and it is possible to have two different terms.

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