Thursday , October 6 2022

The former chairman of the Nissan Board, Carlos, Ghasan, rejects the allegations


Nike told that the accusation of financial performance had ensured the arrest of former Carlos Carlos, Carlos Ghaus and Japanese, that it should not be misconducted.

Franco-Lebanese-Brazil, which is still formally ceremonial as the President of the Renault Group, did not speak in Tokyo to Tokyo.

Without giving the right to silence, justice, arguments, without answering any question said that he never intends to hide his income, according to the UNHC unrecognized sources as well.

Carlos Gosh and his right hand Man, American Greg Kille, were arrested.

The administration has complained that as a chairman of Nissan, it has reduced the amount of five billion yen to five years of age till 5 years.

He also has the responsibility of the Japanese newspaper Ashok Shebone and Nikki in the third fiscal year, which resulted in hidden 8 billion yuan (62 million dollars) from Japanese financial authorities.

According to the Nicobar newspaper, Gassin failed to declare more than 30 million euros from his share of the income.

The Japanese press reported that Nissan investigates financial misconduct of gas gases for a year's "secret" team, including possible destruction of evidence.

After the arrest of Gantti, senior officials of the first Renaissance-Nissan-Mitsubishi Union companies are the opportunity to meet this weekend.


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