Sunday , May 22 2022

The mayor is found dead in a rural landscape in the interior of Maranhão


Mayor of Davinopolis, 57-year-old Ivanildo Paiva (PRB), was found dead this morning (11). The municipality of southwest Maranhão is located 663 km from the city of São Luís and has more than 12 000 inhabitants.

According to Delegate Armando Pacheco, Chief of Internal Civil Police Inspector, the body was found about 2 km from its farmhouse, in the rural village, and the mayor's car was found abandoned in BR-010, next to 50 BIS forests in Imperatriz.

So far there is no information about the cause of death. Medical Law Teams (IML) and civilian police have been sent to conduct investigations and initiate case investigation.

The President of the Maranhão Municipal Federation, Mayor of Cloemar Tema, spoke of the death of Mayor Davinopolis and said he was judging with his family. In his statement, Cleomar said the federation rejected the violent act accused by the lawyer and ratified the commitment to request clarification of the offense before the competent authorities.

The government, Maranhão, has already expressed deep regret over the death of Mayor Ivanild Paiva of Davinopolis. "While he rejects murder, he reports that all steps have been taken to clarify the cowardly murder and work to identify authors / perpetrators of justice, all solidarity with relatives and friends of Mayor Ivanilda Paiva at this time of pain and righteousness of indignation," he writes in a note.

The Old Town car was found abandoned on BR-010, next to 50 BIS Forest in Imperatriz

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