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The period between Newcastle and Tottenham is stalled with a sudden illness to support supporters | Illness English Football


A scene of great sympathy caught between Newcastle and Tottenham for the Premier League this Sunday. About 40 minutes into the first half, Spurs defender Regelen appealed to stop the game when he noticed a fan in the stands feeling ill. The referee Andre Mariner heard the request, the game was interrupted and the match began at the end of the service only.

Athletes observe unusual movement in the stands – Photo: Writer

The fan was treated as an emergency on the stand, assisted by a defibrillator from the Tottenham Medical Team. Following the termination of the emergency care, he was removed from the site. Shortly afterwards, Newcastle used social media to announce that fans were able to qualify and he was taken to the hospital.

At the end of the first half, Regalian was near a stand in St. James’ Park and then noticed an unusual movement among Newcastle fans. Tottenham was preparing a corner kick, but the player asked that there be no follow up in the bid to get the referee’s attention. First, some thought that was going to happen, until other or players came closer.

Reguilón warns referee Andre Mariner about incidents in the street – Photo: Getty Images

The protective daughter was responsible for carrying the message to the doctor at Tottenham. One of the professionals went to Deaf Street with a defibrillator and a handful of helpers. The referee then decided to pause the game periodically, while a frightening atmosphere surrounded the players and fans at the players’ stadium.

The protective daughter was the one who asked Tottenham doctors for help – Photo: Reuters

After about a five-minute break, official Premier League broadcasts have even indicated that there will be a seven-minute stop time. But after being tossed in the stands with a security guard, the referee decided to stop the match, and the players went back to the locker room. Later, the Premier League pointed out that the game was suspended in the stands for emergency medical care.

Tottenham doctor took a defibrillator to help fans – Photo: Reuters

At the time, Tottenham were winning the return, 2-1. In search of their first win of the season, Newcastle opened the score two minutes later, with Wilson. Tottenham reacted at 17, with Ndombèlé removing from the edge of the area. Five minutes later, Ken table-turned Yaraya Sage scored his first Premier League goal – following the release of Hogeber – he hit goalkeeper Darlow’s cover.

When the referee opens talks with the security guards and decides to stop the match – Photo: Getty Images

After the end of the support service, the players returned to the arena and did a brief warm-up. The game began in the 45th minute with seven minutes of play. At 48, the son valves the space. Lucas had a pretty individual game and drove it to him and Kane, who crossed the line to cross the Corps.

The fan participated, and the game was paralyzed – Photo: Reuters

Fans on the ground to help the so-called Rio service – Photo: Writer

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