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Understand what is known about a “mysterious box” of a Nazi ship found on the northwest coast. بایه


Researchers at the Federal University of Care (UFC) and the Federal University of Algos (Ufal) have revealed that researchers “Mysterious Boxes” that appeared on the shores of Algos and Sergipe, in August this yearCYNDI WANG LOVES YOU DOWNLOAD A second Nazi ship is the rubber bulls from YV, Switzerland.

  • Understand Nazi shipwrecked ‘mystery boxes’ of Japanese writing found on the northwest coast.

That’s why, at the beginning of the year, the group revealed that “mysterious boxes” that appeared on the coast of North and Brazil in 2018 were rubber bullets that were unloaded from the German ship Y. S. Rio Grande, destroyed by the Americans. There were. Off-shore in January 1944 off the coast of Brazil.

According to oceanographer Carlos Teixeira, who is a researcher at the UFC’s Institute of Marine Sciences (Labomar), the material may have been in the ocean 77 years ago.

From 2018 onwards these games have been released on some beaches. A priority Laboma researchers think it may be a burden of St. Rio Grande, Which continue to appear on any coast of the region.

However, according to Carlos Teixeira, things do get noticed: Large volumes of gan les were reported (up to 200 y) and the fact was that some of them were based on inscriptions written in Japanese ideograms, the keys (which were not present at that time).

Recorded text in Japanese ideogram, Kanji – Photo: Claudio Simpio

See what the unknown is about:

  • What are the mystery boxes?
  • Where were they found?
  • Where did these boxes come from?
  • How did they end up on the northwest coast?
  • What did they do with the d?

What are the ‘mystery boxes’?

The “mystery boxes” that appear are rubber bills that will be used in Germany for the production of aircraft tires, car tires, uniforms, telegraph cables.

Where were they found?

They were found on the beaches of Alagoas, Bahia and Sergipe in August this year.

Where did these boxes come from?

Rubber bulls were produced in South Asia and Asia, which were Japanese rule.

How did they end up on the northwest coast?

The Nazi M-YWV fleet, which flew from Japan to Europe during World War II, carried rubber bullets and tanks (a type of metal ether), destroying the US Navy’s USS Somers in January 1944, US After a few days of ss. Rio Grande also had a bit of fate: the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

Researchers found that in the first half of 2021 the international market had jumped to a third of the price. This movement resulted in an increase of about three three-euros when compared to the prices of 2020.

For the group, this change in prices has led to doubts that pirates could collapse in an attempt to recover this material, a fact confirmed by a British researcher who works in the area, David Mearns, researchers In contact with Labomar 2.

What did they do with the d?

Oceanographer Carlos Teixeira, a researcher at the UFC’s Institute of Sciences (Labomar), told The. g1 There were different destinations in different northern states.

In Ceará, fishermen sold the ray to the industry. In Algos, they put it in a warehouse and in Salvador, it seems that they sent it to a landowner.

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