Wednesday , August 4 2021

Voturanga has recorded 61 more cases of cod 19 and one death from the disease

The municipality is sick with 29 people who are hospitalized; 13 are in serious condition in the ICU

The municipality has resulted in 310 deaths and an outbreak of 11,672 cases since the onset of the disease (image: VotePoranga City Hall)

In the municipality there were 310 deaths and 11,672 patients due to the disease and the disease was diagnosed before the outbreak.

Pedro Spadoni
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According to the epidemiological blockade issued by City Hall, Wotspunga filed 61 more cases on Day 11 (Quid 19). The report also included another death due to illness. The victim was a 70-year-old man who was a comedian.

Now, the municipality has investigated the disease since the onset of the outbreak of 310 deaths and 11,672 cases due to the code. According to Elevation, 11,116 cases were resolved.

Hospital admissions and suspected cases

According to the report, there are 29 people with municipality coverage who are hospitalized, two of whom are in the UPE (Emergency Care Unit) and 6 in the Hospital D Campion. Of these hospitals, 13 are in critical condition in the ICU (acute care unit).

The data also show that the municipality has 504 voters with suspicion of Kyo-19 who are awaiting test results and 694 who have no serious symptoms of the disease and are, therefore, under house surveillance.


According to “Vexinator”, Vottorunga applied 201 more anti-immune drugs. Of these, 171 were the first dose and the remaining 30 were the second dose.

Now, 37,480 doses were applied to the municipality: 23,365 first dose and 14,115 second dose.

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