Wednesday , October 27 2021

Wanessa Camargo refuses to compare and comments on the rivalry hearing with Sandy: "He never had anything"


Wanessa Camargo, with a new look, took part in the "Altas Horas" on Saturday (11). On the scene of Sergine Groisman's show, the singer declined to say the rivalry with Sandy, which last year appreciated at the show: "When I went out, I had this thing as a daughter of a sertanejo and of the same age. "I think it is very difficult to imitate someone, he is too indifferent to look at Ludmila and say," I will be so beautiful, "she said," But it is good to look at Lud's work and "Let's see how great she was, I can inspire her."

Singer asks for marriage among women in music

The singer released a new song "Loko" on November 9 and said the song coincided with the debut of the new EP and clips Anitta. "People can not hear more than one song a day – space is for everyone, no one wants to take anybody," he said. Then Marcus Buaiz, ​​married for 11 years, has asked for women to join in the song: "You must join!" The more people they sing, the more women gain space, the better. I have to explain my whole life, but I have shown it for 18 years now that I work hard to be here. "

The artist puts a restless page on the program

The singer also said he had trouble talking publicly. "Even though I started doing theater at the age of 12, because I could not do a school job, I was in panic, I liked singing in the bathroom, was super hidden," he said. Ludmilla agreed with Zezé Di Camargo's daughter: "As I act on stage, it's not how I behave in my room. When I go on stage, I incorporate a character I do not even know how to call, I think it's a screaming audience."

(For Tatiana Mariano).

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